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    My phone #: 423-0613 X 2117

                                                                    Weekly/Monthly Reminders: 
    *We are a peanut free/nut free classroom this year.   
    *We have PE on Days 2 and 3-please remember sneakers. Thanks 
    *Library books due on or before Day 4. 
    *As a result of the early lunch period, please send your child every regular dismissal day with a peanut free snack for the afternoon. 
    *Please send your child with his/her Jeffrey Clark folder everyday. 
    *You may want to send your child with a light jacket or sweatshirt inside his/her bookbag. The AC has a mind of its own sometimes.   
    *Red Ribbon Week posters due on or before 11/1 if participating in contest!   
    *School closed 11/7 and 11/8!  
    *11/11 Veterans Day luncheon!  Children are encouraged to wear patriotic colors!  
    *11/14 Parent Visitation Day!  9:30-10:30 and 2:00-2:45.  We look forward to having you join us!  
    *11/22, 11/25-11/27 12:40 early dismissal days.  Children will have morning snack instead of lunch.  Children may bring snack or purchase snack from the cafeteria.  We will not have afternoon snack as a result of the early dismissal.  
    *School closed 11/28-11/29.  
    *November Pizza Hut Book-It reading log due 12/2 if participating.  
    Weekly Schedule
    • Mon. 11/11 Day 1-Art, Technology, children are encouraged to wear patriotic colors, Veterans Day lunch!  
    • Tues. 11/12 Day 2- PE,
    • Wed. 11/13 Day 3-PE, Ch. 3 math test
    • Thurs. 11/14 Day 4-Music, Library, Visitation Day!
    • Fri. 11/15 Day 5-Spanish, 
    • First Grade recess/lunch will be 10:50-11:38 
    • As a result of the early lunch period, please send your child each day with a peanut free snack for the afternoon       
    Scholastic Book Clubs: 
    We will begin Unit 5 on 11/4. We will read, spell, write, and mark words with the glued sounds am (ham), an (fan), and all (ball). We mark the glued sound by drawing a box around it (also star the last l in all).  Unit 5 practice box words; from, do, have, does.  Unit 5 story: Pam and Dan  
    Journeys: We will begin Unit 2 Lesson 2 on 11/4.  We will work on these skills for two weeks.  The weekly theme is animals and how they communicate.  Practice box words; animal, how, make, of, some, why. Phonics skills: short i, word family -ip. and r blends. Comprehension skills: main idea and details, text & graphic features, infer/predict-use clues in the story to figure out important ideas.  Vocabulary: using a glossary. Fluency: reading with expression and rate.  Grammar: commas in a series.  Superstar words: agreement, crowd, discussed, warn, creek, bills.  
    Go MathWe will begin Ch. 3 addition strategies on 10/22. Ch. 3 vocabulary: add, addends, addition setence, sum, count on, doubles, doubles plus one, doubles minus one, make a ten, and ten frame.  There are 12 lessons in Ch. 3.  We will add in any order and change addends to add, count on 1, 2, or 3 to add, use doubles to add, use doubles plus one to add, use doubles minus one to add, use a ten frame to add, make a ten to add, add with 3 addends, and solve word problems with 3 addends.  The Ch. 3 math test will take place 11/13...an extra credit study guide will be sent home 11/5...if your child completes it please return it to school.  No rush!  
    Science: we will learn about patterns in the sky (sun, moon, and stars) beginning 9/16.  October/November topics will include characteristics of living things.         
    Social Studies: some September topics that will be included in read aloud stories include: what makes a good friend, citizenship, school rules, Fall/Autumn 9/23, Johnny Appleseed 9/26. October topics will include fall, fire safety, Christopher Columbus, map skills, and Halloween. November topics will include Veterans Day and Thanksgiving.            
    Mad Minute and a Half math facts this will begin in November. Details coming soon!   
    Grammar skills: September: we will review proper sentence mechanics (starting each sentence with an uppercase letter and ending with proper punctuation).  
    Writing skills: September: we will review proper letter formation and will write one/two sentence(s) using various sentences starters or prompts.  Focus will be placed on starting each sentence with an uppercase letter and ending with proper punctuation.
    October: we will work on writing personal narratives.  Focus will be placed on having a beginning, middle, and end to each story, using proper sentence mechanics (uppercase letter to start, finger spacing between words, neatest writing, and punctuation), and adding details to sentences and illustrations.             
    Wed. 11/6 HW: please review, cut, and add practice box cards to your child's practice word box
    Week of 11/11 Homework (Return to school/yellow dot side of folder): 
    Mon. math/reading practice page (it is front and back)
    Tues. math/reading practice page (it is front and back)
    Wed. reading practice page (it is front and back)
    Thurs. math/reading practice page (it is front and back)  
    Fri. please have your child re-read How Animals Communicate-pages 47-61 in his/her storybook-please return storybook on Monday. Thanks! 
    Homework: please refer to your child's Jeffrey Clark school folder...homework or papers that need to be signed and returned are placed in Return to School/ Homework pocket.  The other side of the folder is Keep Home...please remove papers from this side each night.    
    • Day 1: Art and Technology
    • Day 2: Physical Education 
    • Day 3: Physical Education 
    • Day 4: Music, Library 
    • Day 5: Spanish