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    My phone #: 423-0613 X 2117

                                                                    Weekly/Monthly Reminders: 
    *We are a peanut free/tree nut free classroom this year.   
    *We have PE on Days 2 and 3-please remember sneakers. Thanks 
    *Library books due on or before Day 4. 
    *As a result of the early lunch period, please send your child every regular dismissal day with a peanut free snack for the afternoon. 
    *Please send your child with his/her Jeffrey Clark folder everyday. 
    *School closed 1/17 and 1/20
    *1/27 midpoint of 2nd trimester; 1/31 Progress Reports 
    *Winter math MAP (Measures of Academic Progress) computer test.  I look forward to seeing how much growth every child has made since September!   
     *January Pizza Hut Book-It reading log due 1/31 if participating  
     *Valentine's Cards for classmates on or before 2/14.  
    Weekly Schedule
    • School closed Friday, 1/17 and Monday, 1/20 
    • Tues. 1/21 Day 5-Spanish, Mad Minute and a Half practice test (PT) 
    • Wed. 1/22 Day 1-Art, Technology, Mad Minute and a Half practice test (PT), Ch. 6 Math test  
    • Thurs. 1/23 Day 2- PE, Mad Minute and a Half weekly test
    • Fri. 1/24  Day 3-PE, 
    • Mon. 1/27  Day 4-Music, Library,
    • First Grade recess/lunch will be 10:50-11:38 
    • As a result of the early lunch period, please send your child each day with a peanut free snack for the afternoon       
    Scholastic Book Clubs: 
    We will begin Unit 8 on 1/10.  We will read, spell, write, and mark words with a consonant blend.  We will mark the blend by underlining each letter that makes the blend (like c r, s t, b l).  Blends can come at the beginning or end of a word.  We will also learn a digraph blend (like lun ch or sh red).  Children will also have to apply previously learned skills in marking words (bonus letter, digraphs, base word and suffix, glued sound). We will also introduce bossy r/r-controlled vowels ar, er, ir, ur, or.  Unit 8 practice box words: could, should, would; her, number, over. Unit 8 story: The Pink Dress  
    Journeys: We will begin Unit 3 Lesson 2 on 1/13. We will work on these skills 1/13-1/24. The weekly theme is animals.  Practice box words: been, brown, know, never, off, out, own. very.  
    Phonics skills: digraph ch, tch; word family -atch; possessives with 's.  Comprehension skills: sequence of story events; story lesson; questions-ask questions about what you are reading.  
    Vocabulary: homophones. Fluency: reading with accuracy and rate.  Grammar: commands.  Superstar words: adventure, frisky, shivered, spied, tumbled, view.     
    Go MathWe will begin Chapter 6 Count and Model Numbers on 12/19.  There are 10 lessons in Ch. 6.  Ch. 6 vocabulary: digit, ones, ten. tens, hundred.  We will count forward by ones to 120, count by tens to 120, use ddiferent ways to write a number (like 12, 1 ten 2 ones, 10+2), write a number using ten(s) and ones like 15 is 1 ten 5 ones or 50 is 5 tens 0 ones or 0 tens 50 ones, or 23 is 2 tens 3 ones, 1 ten 13 ones, 0 tens 23 ones, and model & write numbers 100-120.  First graders are exprected to be able to read, count, and write to 120.  The Ch. 6 test will take place 1/22...an extra credit study guide will be sent home on 1/14...if your child completes it please return to school...No rush...thanks!      
    We will begin Chapter 7 Compare Numbers on 1/23.  There are 5 lessons in Ch. 7.  We will identify the greater number as a result of more tens or ones, identify the number that is less as a result of fewer tens or ones, use symbols to compare two numbers (> < =), make a model to solve word problems in identifying the number(s), and write numbers that are 10 more and 10 less.  Ch. 7 vocabulary; more, fewer, same, is greater than >, is less than <, is equal to =.    
    Science: we will learn about patterns in the sky (sun, moon, and stars) beginning 9/16.  October/November topics will include characteristics of living things. December topics will include animal adaptations and habitats. January topics will include animal and plant adaptations, habitats, seasons.                
    Social Studies: some September topics that will be included in read aloud stories include: what makes a good friend, citizenship, school rules, Fall/Autumn 9/23, Johnny Appleseed 9/26. October topics will include fall, fire safety, Christopher Columbus, map skills, and Halloween. November topics will include Veterans Day and Thanksgiving. December topics will include winter holidays and symbols. January topics will include New Year goals, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and winter.                
    Mad Minute and a Half math facts this will begin in November. A letter went home in your child's folder 11/19 along with flash cards. We will begin with addition to 5. Children will have 90 seconds to complete 25 facts.  We will complete a practice test (PT) the week of 11/25.  Starting 12/2, we will follow this routine: practice tests (PT) Monday and Tuesday; weekly test Wednesday.  We will begin subtraction to 5 on 1/13.  New flashcards will be sent home 1/9.         
    Grammar skills: September: we will review proper sentence mechanics (starting each sentence with an uppercase letter and ending with proper punctuation).  
    Writing skills: September: we will review proper letter formation and will write one/two sentence(s) using various sentences starters or prompts.  Focus will be placed on starting each sentence with an uppercase letter and ending with proper punctuation.
    October/November: we will work on writing personal narratives.  Focus will be placed on having a beginning, middle, and end to each story, using proper sentence mechanics (uppercase letter to start, finger spacing between words, neatest writing, and punctuation), and adding details to sentences and illustrations. We will begin Unit 3 ficiton on 12/9. We will learn to write fantasy and realistic fiction stories.               
    Thurs. 1/16 HW: none...enjoy the 4 day break!  
    Week of 1/20 Homework (Return to school/yellow dot side of folder):  
    Mon. school closed
    Tues. reading practice page (it is front and back); please review and add new words to practice word box 
    Wed. reading practice page (it is front and back); 
    Thurs. math/reading practice page (it is front and back)
    Fri.  please reread How Leopard Got His Spots -pages 47-63  in your storybook.  Please return storybook on Monday...thanks!  
    Homework: please refer to your child's Jeffrey Clark school folder...homework or papers that need to be signed and returned are placed in Return to School/ Homework pocket.  The other side of the folder is Keep Home...please remove papers from this side each night.    
    • Day 1: Art and Technology
    • Day 2: Physical Education 
    • Day 3: Physical Education 
    • Day 4: Music, Library 
    • Day 5: Spanish