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    My phone #: 423-0613 X 2117

                                                                    Weekly/Monthly Reminders:  
    *We are a peanut free/tree nut free classroom this year.   
    *Please send your child with his/her Jeffrey Clark folder everyday.  Children will get this folder on the first day of school.   
    *Please send your child with a peanut free snack for the afternoon everyday.  Children are allowed to bring a water bottle to school. 
    *Change of Dailly Dismissal Form: Please complete the attached Change to Dismissal Form for a temporary change to student dismissal. This form helps us with a safe dismissal each afternoon.
    *Library books due on or before Monday, 11/29/21
    *Mickle and Clark Pajama Day as a reward for filling the Buzz Bucks bin!  

    5 Day Specials Rotation Schedule: 

    11/29/21 Day 1 Physical Education and Library 
    11/30/21 Day 2 Art
    12/1/21 Day 3 Physical Education
    12/2/21 Day 4 Spanish
    12/3/21 Day 5 Music

    Scholastic Book Clubs: https://orders.scholastic.com/GXBHM

    Scholastic is having major delays with shipments of orders.  



    Unit 4: We will begin 11/10.  We will read, sound out, spell, and write short vowel words with a bonus letter (ss, ff, ll, zz) or glued sound (all).  We will mark these words by making a star above the second bonus letter and by drawing a box around the glued sound all.  Unit 4 story: The Big Mess; Unit 4 practice box words: you, your, I, they, was, one, said.  

    Journeys: Journeys: Unit 1 lesson 5: Week of 10/25 and 11/1: theme is what happens on a train and at the zoo.  Practice box words: friend, full, good, hold, many, pull.  Phonics: short u words, consonants qu, z.  Vocabulary: synonyms; Comprehension: fantasy, story structure. Grammar: adjectives.  Fluency: read with accuracy and self-correct any errors. 

    Unit 1 practice box word recognition test will take place 11/2.  A review list of words will be sent home 10/26.  

    Unit 1 words: and   be   help  play with   you  for have   he  look  too do what  find  funny sing no all they does

    here  my  who full good  hold many pull me  friend

    Journeys Unit 1 Benchmark Test will take place the week of 11/8/21.  A unit review guide will be sent home 11/1.  

    Journeys: Unit 2 lesson 6: We work on these skills 11/12/21-11/19/21: theme is what you can learn from story characters.  Practice box words: away, every, call, come, hear, said.  Phonics: short a, double final consonants, and ck.  Vocabulary: shades of meaning; Grammar: complete sentences; Comprehension: characters, story message, summarize the story; Fluency: reading with expression 

    Journeys Unit 2 lesson 7: We will begin 11/22 and continue the week of 11/29. Theme is animals and animal communication.  Practice Box Words to know: animal, how, make, of, some, why; Comprehension: main idea and details, text and graphic features.  Phonics: r blends, short i review, and word family -ip.  Grammar: using commas in a series.    

    Go Math: 

    Chapter four subtraction strategies: We will begin on 11/15.  There are 6 lessons in Ch. 4.  We will  count back to find the difference, use related addition facts to solve subtraction facts (4+5=9 so 9-4=5), use a ten frame to subtract, and solve subtraction word problems.  Ch. 4 vocabulary: subtract, subtraction sentence, difference, take away, count back, number line, related facts.  The Ch. 3 math test will take place Friday, 12/3.  A study guide will be sent home on 11/29...feel free to use as practice.      

    Science: November topics will include living and nonliving things, characteristics of living things, hereditary traits, and parts of a plant.     
    Social Studies: November topics will include Veterans Day and Thanksgiving.  
    Grammar skills: September: we will review proper sentence mechanics (starting each sentence with an uppercase letter and ending with proper punctuation).  
    Writing skills: September: we will review proper letter formation and will write one/two sentence(s) using various sentences starters or prompts.  Focus will be placed on starting each sentence with an uppercase letter and ending with proper punctuation. We will use various read alouds to learn how writers work. October/November: we will work on writing personal narratives.  Focus will be placed on having a beginning, middle, and end to each story, using proper sentence mechanics (uppercase letter to start, finger spacing between words, neatest writing, and punctuation), and adding details to sentences and illustrations.               
    Week of 11/29 Homework (Please refer to Return to school/yellow dot side of school folder.  
    Mon. reading practice page
    Tues. math practice page 
    Wed. reading practice page 
    Thurs. math practice page
    Fri. none...have a fantastic weekend!  
    Homework: please refer to your child's Jeffrey Clark school folder...homework or papers that need to be signed and returned are placed in Return to School/ Homework pocket/yellow dot side.  The other side of the folder is Keep Home/green dot side...please remove papers from this side each night.