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                                                                    Weekly/Monthly Reminders: 
    *We are a peanut free classroom this year.   
    *We have PE on Days 1 and 3-please remember sneakers. Thanks 
    *Library books due on or before Day 2.  
    *As a result of the early lunch period, please send your child each day with a peanut free snack for the afternoon. 
    *Please send your child with his/her Jeffrey Clark folder everyday. 
    *Details coming home 5/28 about the First Grade Blast Off to Summer final ten day countdown! 
    *6/3 Book Fair during Library 
    *6/3 Special Area Showcase and Clark Book Fair Family Night! 5:00-8:00 at Clark.  
    *6/5 end of third trimester; 6/10 report cards 
    *6/5 Soupy Island trip! Rain date 6/10.  
    *6/6 First Grade Field Day! Please wear your red field day t-shirt.   
    *6/13 last day of school! Also, 12:40 early dismissal day. Children will have morning snack instead of lunch.  Children may bring snack or may purchase snack from cafeteria.  We will not have afternoon snack as a result.  
    *Children will be bringing home classroom items everyday starting 6/3.  Please have your child empty his/her book bag each night so it is not too heavy.  Thanks 
    Weekly Schedule
    • Mon., 6/10:  Day 2- Library, Movie Day 
    • Tues. Day 3-Music and PE, Memory Book Day
    • Wed. Day 4- Art and Technology, Cleaning Day  
    • Thurs. Day 5- Spanish, last day of school/12:40 early dismissal!  
    • Fri. Day 1-PE,  
    • First Grade recess/lunch will be 10:50-11:38; we will also have a brain break period of 15 minutes each day. 
    • As a result of the early lunch period, please send your child each day with a peanut free snack for the afternoon       
    Fundations: We will begin Unit 14 on 5/28.  Unit 14 is a review of first grade skills. Unit 14 Practice box words: way, day, may; water, good.        
    Journeys Unit 5 Practice Box words: few, night, loudly, noise, story, shall, world, window; baby, begins, eight, follow, learning, until, years, young; ready, country, soil, kinds, earth, almost, covers, warm; buy, city, family, myself, party, please, school, seven; 
    We will complete the Unit 5 Benchmark test during the week of 5/28.  A letter with more details went home in your child's folder on 5/21.  
    We will target Unit 6 practice box words, phonics skills, and opinion writing over the last two weeks of school.  
    Unit 6 words: studied, bear, above, toward, pushed, teacher, even, surprised; always, happy, once, different, high, stories, enough, near; across, head, second, ball, neard, should, cried, large; caught, thought, took, beautiful, minute, frienship, listen, idea; brothers. loved, people, everyone, most, sorry, field, only;    
    Go Math: We will begin Ch. 11 Three-dimensional geometry on 4/3.  Ch. 11 vocabulary: cone, cube, cylinder, sphere, rectangular prism, curved surface, flat surface.  There are five lessons in Ch. 11.  We will identify and sort 3-d shapes, combine 3-d shapes to make a new shape, use combined 3-d shapes to build, repeat, & combine to make a new shape, identify which 3-d shapes are used to make a creation, and identify which 2-d shapes can be made using 3-d shapes (like circle, rectangle, square). We are continuing geometry in Ch. 12 and we will not assess chapters 11 and 12 until we complete Ch. 12.   
     We will continue geometry in Ch. 12 (two-dimensional shapes, equal and unequal parts, and fractions: halves and fourths) beginning 4/12.  Ch. 12 vocabulary: circle, hexagon, rectangle, triangle, square, trapezoid, side, vertex (corner), equal parts, unequal parts, fourth of, fourths, halves, half of, quarter of, quarters.  We will name and sort two-dimensional shapes, describe 2-d shapes, combine 2-d shapes to make a new shape, identify which shapes were combined in making a shape, use pattern blocks make shapes, take apart 2-d shapes, identify equal or unequal parts, show halves in a shape, and show fourths in a shape.  There are ten lessons in Ch. 12.       
    We will end by reviewing first grade skills and introducing skills such as money (coin identification and counting mixed groups of coins).  
    Science: we will learn about patterns in the sky (sun, moon, and stars) beginning 9/17.  October/November topics will include living things starting 10/22. Decemeber topics will include habitats.  January topics will include characteristics and needs of living things.  February topics will include African-American scientists and inventors.
    March topics will include natural resources, seasons, and climates. April/May topics will include light and sound.       
    Social Studies: some September topics that will be included in read aloud stories include: what makes a good friend, citizenship, school rules, Fall/Autumn 9/23, Johnny Appleseed 9/26. October topics will include Christopher Columbus, maps, fall, and halloween! November topics will include voting, Veterans Day, and Thanksgiving. December topics will include winter holidays, symbols, and how people/cultures celebrate. January topics will include New Year's, winter weather, hibernation, and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  February topics will include economics (goods and services, needs and wants, producers and consumers), Groundhog's Day, Valentine's Day, Kindness/Citizenship, Chinese New Year, Presidents, Dental Health, and African-American heroes.  March topics will include St. Patrick's Day and spring.  May/June topics will include American symbols and landmarks.             
    Mad Minute and a Half math facts this will begin week of 11/12. A letter as well as flashcards were sent home on 11/5.  We will begin with addition to 5 (like 2+3 or 4+0).  Practice tests (PT) Mondays and Tuesdays.  Weekly test Wednesdays.  We will begin subtraction to 5 (like 5-1= or 4-3=) on 12/10.  We will follow the same weekly schedule.  All children will begin with one test.  Subtraction flash cards will be sent home 12/5.  We will begin mixed addition and subtraction to 5 (like 5-0= or 3+2=) 1/22.  We will begin addition to 10 (like 2+8= or 4+6=) on 2/19.  New flashcards will be sent home on 2/14.  We will begin subtraction to 10 (like 10-8= or 9-6=) the week of 3/25.  New flashcards will be sent home on 3/21.  We will begin mixed addition and subtraction to 10 (like 7+2= or 10-6=) the week of 5/6.                
    Grammar skills: September: we will review proper sentence mechanics (starting each sentence with an uppercase letter and ending with proper punctuation).  
    Writing skills: September: we will review proper letter formation and will write one/two sentence(s) using various sentences starters or prompts.  Focus will be placed on starting each sentence with an uppercase letter and ending with proper punctuation.  We are now working on adding a topic sentence and closing sentence.  We are working hard to write at least four complete sentences. During the third trimester, we will work hard to write at least five complete sentences.           
    Fri. 6/7 Homework: please review and add new practice box words to your practice box 
    Week of 6/10 Homework (Return to school/yellow dot side of folder): 
    Mon. please review and add new practice box words to your practice box (final list of1st grade!)  
    Tues.  none
    Wed.  none
    Thurs. Have a great summer!
    Homework: please refer to your child's Jeffrey Clark school folder...homework or papers that need to be signed and returned are placed in Return to School/ Homework pocket.  The other side of the folder is Keep Home...please remove papers from this side each night.    
    • Day 1: Physical Education 
    • Day 2: Library 
    • Day 3: Music, Physical Education 
    • Day 4: Art, Technology  
    • Day 5: Spanish