• Dear Jeffrey Clark 1st Grade Families:

    What a year 2019-20 has been!  It was a mix of great and challenging -- but through it all it was a pleasure to work with our very creative and enthusiastic students.  Clark’s young artists have touched my heart and made this year -- the year of face to face AND virtual learning --unforgettable.  

    The artwork showcased through our virtual art show was created before March 2020.   I handpicked two pieces from each student’s portfolio to feature on a personalized slide.  I am very proud of the work created by every one of  “my little artists”.  I hope you enjoy all of the artwork.

    Our Jeffrey Clark students are a creative and inspirational bunch!  They have such an eagerness to create and learn about art-- they strive to be the best artists that they can be.  I am so privileged to work with such great little artists.  

    I hope I have motivated your children and touched their lives to be creative and inspired by art, just as I was at a young age.  Always encourage your children to create whether it be with pencils, crayons, paint, clay, or even building with sand at the beach!

    “Every child is an artist” - Pablo Picasso.

    Many thanks to the Jeffrey Clark School Administrators, Secretaries, Faculty and Staff who have been so helpful to me and our students all year.  I would like to send out a big thank you to Theresa Wordelmann for her technical help with this virtual art show, along with Jess Nollet, Jodi Fearon, and Laura Sarapulski for scanning each piece of artwork --   I couldn’t have done this without you!!  Thank you!!



    Mary Traini
    Art Teacher