Clark Arrival Procedures

  • Parent drop-off Procedures

    • Students are permitted to enter the building at 8:25am.  Parents are permitted to park and walk their child to the first grade side entrance of the building and remain with them until they are able to enter the building.  
    • Parents are also permitted to drop students off at the door by following the traffic pattern of the parking lot.  Students are not permitted to exit their vehicles prior to arriving at the drop off location. Please have your student wait to exit your car until directed by a staff member to do so.  

    Non-transported Student Arrival

    • Non-transported students must safely cross the street in crosswalks under the supervision of crossing guards.  They must utilize the sidewalks once on school property.  Non-transported students may enter the building at the first-grade hallway entrance.

    Late Arrival

    • Students arriving late should report to the main entrance.  Parents should park their vehicles and walk their child to the door in order to sign them in.

Clark Dismissal Procedures

  • Parent Pick-up procedures

    • If a child is to be picked up early during a regular school day, a Change of Dismissal form should be sent to your child’s homeroom teacher.
    • Paper copies of the Change of Dismissal Form are available in the main office.  It can also be found on the district website under the Parents tab by clicking on “Forms and Documents”.
    • If the person picking up the student is someone other than the parent, it is expected that this individual is listed on the Emergency Contact Form.
    • If, for some reason, this individual is not on the Emergency Contact Form, his/her name MUST be provided on the Change of Dismissal form.
    • If a note is not sent in and the name is not on the emergency form, the student will not be allowed to leave the building.
    • Upon arrival at the school for early dismissals, parents/guardians must fill out the Student Sign In/Out Sheet on the cart outside the building.  Once completed, parents/guardians must ring the day bell.  The school will require a photo I.D. upon student pick up.  An office staff member will ensure your child is dismissed to you.  
    • If changes have to be made during the school day for an early pickup, a phone call must be made to the school’s main office no later than 11:00 a.m. by the parent or guardian.
    • Early parent pickups should occur no later than 12:00 pm during an early dismissal day.  After this time, students will be dismissed at the regular dismissal time.  Please send in a note in advance, so that we can make the necessary arrangements.  This requirement has been put into place to ensure the safety of all students and that all children are in the right place at the right time.
    • If a student is dismissed prior to 12:40, it will be recorded as a “half-day” absence. 
    • At the conclusion of the school day, students who participate in parent pick-up will be dismissed to the Clark Library.  Staff members will confirm the parent or guardian identity and dismiss students out the door connected to the library.

    Non-transported dismissal

    • Staff members will confirm the parent or guardian identity and dismiss students out of the building through the first grade hallway doors.  Please utilize the sidewalks on the school property and cross the street using the crosswalks when available.

    Transported Student dismissal

    • At the conclusion of the school day, students will be dismissed from their classrooms and will be walked by their classroom teachers to the Jeffrey Clark gym.  Students will be lined up according to bus numbers and will be walked out by a staff member to their assigned bus.
    • Any Clark student that is not met by an adult or older sibling at the bus stop will be returned to the building.  The parent or guardian on record will be called to pick up the student.