• bus Dismissal Procedures

    Bus Departure

    • Buses will depart starting around 3:30 p.m.
    • A procedure has been developed to carefully supervise students from the school to the bus.
    • No cars or other vehicles are permitted in this area.  This will be strictly enforced.

    Dismissal for Non Transported Students (students without a bus assignment)

    • Dismissal will begin at 3:20 (normal day schedule) or 12:40 (early dismissal schedule).
    • At 3:20, parents/ guardians will assume responsibility of their children.  If an adult is not present to pick up the child, he/she will be brought back into the main office.
    • If you would like your child to walk home without supervision, please submit a request in writing to the building principal.
    • Cars must be parked in one of our parking areas and parents/guardians will meet students at the main entrance.
    • Parents, guardians or the adult with signed permission to pick up a student should be at the main entrance by 3:20 p.m.
    • Students will not be dismissed to a stopped car in front of our building.
    • Students will not be permitted to walk into the parking area without adult supervision.


    Students for Parent Pick Up (Students with bus assignments who will be picked up by parent/guardian)

    • Parent pick up students will be dismissed from the library after all walkers have been dismissed.
    • Parents/guardians should enter through the exterior library door.
    • Parent pick up students will need to be signed out each day.
    • Students will only be permitted to leave with their parent or guardian once it is established that appropriate identification, such as a driver’s license, has been presented.  A staff member will be on hand to check identification.
    • Identification will be accepted once it is established that the parent or guardian is on our list.
    • This identification process may not be necessary once our staff member becomes familiar with the parent or guardian.
    • If there is a question concerning appropriate identification, the parent or guardian will be invited into the main office for further identification to be determined by our school secretary.
    • If parents or guardians are not present at dismissal, students will be asked to come to the main office and parents will be contacted.
    • Students may be sent to Beyond the Bell if lateness persists.
    • Please review below concerning “Change of Regular Dismissal.”

    Change to regular Dismissal

    • A change of regular schedule means that your child is going home in a manner different than indicated on their Daily Dismissal Procedure form completed at the start of the school year.
    • If your child is regularlydimissed as a bus rider, parent pick up, non transported, or Beyond the Bell student and you have instructed them to be dismissed in a different manner, a “Change to Dismissal” form must be sent in to your child’s teacher for that day for any changes to your child’s dismissal.
    • The “Change to Dismissal” form can be downloaded from the district website or access through the link below.  Copies are also available in the main office.
    • Do not send in notes for multiple days.
    • The “Change to Dismissal” form must be sent in to your child’s teacher the morning of that change.
    • The teacher will notify the office of that change.
    • Any change after the beginning of the school day should be called in no later than 1:00 on regular dismissal days and 11:00 on early dismissal days.
    • Please do not call or e-mail teacher of the change but rather contact the main office.


     Please click below to access the form.

     Change to Regular Dismissal Procedure