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  • Spring Food Donation Drive
    Lunch Bunch will be sponsoring a district-wide Spring Food Drive from May 14th-25th, in support of Your Place at the Table, a food bank located at Trinity United Methodist Church in Mullica Hill, NJ.  Your Place at the Table provides boxes of food to needy families in our area each month.  If you would like to contribute, please click on the link listed below for a list of items that food bank will appreciate us donating.  Thank you in advance for your generosity and support. Please click the link below for the flyer.


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  • Samuel Mickle Willy Wonka Writing Contest Winners


    Grand Prize Winner: Anthony Christopher  (Phillips)

    Timothy the pencil is always afraid to be used. The sharpener hurts him. He always gets papercuts and he hates doing math. Cursive makes him dizzy. And worst of all, he is running low on… himself! (because he is being used and sharpened a lot) So, he starts writing notes to make his owner stop. Will it work? Or will he be used up?

    6th Grade Winner: Mary Wordelmann (Mazeika)

    Liberty and Prosperity

    Liberty and Prosperity have lived on the NJ State flag as twin sisters for 242 years. But then the twins hear some opinions on their flag, and they start to turn on each other. Jealousy is an ugly thing, but what happens when Liberty and Prosperity can no longer work together, and NJ is thrown completely off balance? Magic happens. The twins are thrown into the 21st century as teens, and are competing against each other for everything. Can Liberty and Prosperity work together again to return the state to normal? Or will jealousy keep them from fixing the cursed state?

    5th Grade Winner: Sophia Buruschkin (Deluca)

    There Once was Magic

    Once there was a kingdom full of magic and beauty, sunlight and happiness. But once there was a king named Alex he banned all of that magic, happiness, and the beauty.. He banned all of the Witches and Wizards out of his kingdom. And little did he know  that his own daughters possed the magical powers that once killed his queen. His daughters have been concealed from the kingdom until this very night.....

    4th Grade Winner: Ava Beyer (Lerch)

    Unicorn Ploop!

    In the dark of night, when no one is watching, unicorns take over. They wreak havoc when they use their ploop(rainbow poop) to make mounds to destroy buildings and a statue in New York, New York. Their first target is the Statue of Liberty and they’re going loaded, with PLOOP! They head to the Statue of Liberty when they encounter their most feared enemy, emojis! The unicorns soon have the humans on their side and decide to work together to defeat the emojis. Will they win or lose the fight against the emojis?

    3rd Grade Winner: Kelsey Dion (Minniti)

    Math Battle, Battle!

    Emma and Kelsey both love the video game Math Battle, but one day when Kelsey invites Emma over to play Math Battle, they get sucked in and become their own cute little characters. Pop, another character, explains that the game has a dark secret, one by one the charters are turning evil and will soon be coming for Emma and Kelsey. Together they have to find a way to save the game, while advancing levels. Will the pair be able to succeed in their mission or will they be stuck in the game forever?

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  •       2017-2018 PARCC Testing Dates


    Grade Level

    English Language Arts

    (1 session per day) 


    (2 sessions per day)

    Grade 3

    April 30th, May 1st, 2nd

    May 3rd, 4th

    Grade 4

    April 30th, May 1st, 2nd

    May 3rd, 4th

    Grade 5

    May 7th, 8th, 9th

    May 10th, 11th

    Grade 6

    May 9th, 10th, 11th

    May 7th, 8th

    (*3 sessions total)

    parent resource site: https://parcc-assessment.org/parent-resources/

    sample English Language Arts and Mathematics practice tests at: https://parcc-assessment.org/practice-tests/




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  • Congratulations Gina Doyle

    2017-2018 Samuel Mickle Teacher of the Year

    Teacher of the Year

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  • Congratulations Lisa Giorgianni

    2017-2018 Samuel Mickle Educational Services Professional of the Year

     Lisa Giorgianni

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  • Congratulations Kristen Cavanaugh!

    Kristen Cavanaugh was recognized as a 2017 Axalta Eagles’ All-Pro Teacher and earned a $2,000 grant for our district!  As a 6th grade Language Arts/Writing teacher, Lunch Bunch and Yearbook advisor, new teacher mentor, achievement coach, and PRIDE Chair, Kristen is very involved within our school community.  We are proud of Kristen’s accomplishments and would like to extend our gratitude for all that she does.  Kristen was recognized at the Eagles’ game on November 26th and at a dinner at Lincoln Financial Field on December 6th!

    Check     Cavanaugh and Student     Jersey

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  • See below for the 11th Birthday Immunization letter.

    11th Birthday Immunization Letter


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  • Google for Education Login Information Go to Google (preferably using Google Chrome for your browser) and click the blue sign in button at the top right corner. Username (email address)= firstnamelastname@eastgreenwich.k12.nj.us (no caps, no spaces) Password= egsdlunchcode For example- sallyjones@eastgreenwich.k12.nj.us   /  egsd1234 If you have further question please visit: https://www.google.com/edu/products/productivity-tools/ https://www.google.com/edu/products/productivity-tools/classroom/