• The East Greenwich Township School community is dedicated to providing positive support systems to our students.  The six traits of respect, responsibility, integrity, perseverance, acceptance, and kindness are highlighted and infused in our character education and social emotional learning curriculum.  

    The East Greenwich Township School District is committed to helping all children succeed. They have many ways to help children learn and to ensure those who need additional support are successful. A multi-tiered system of support is a multi-step process of providing instruction and support to promote the academic and behavioral success of all children. Individual children’s progress is monitored and results are used to make decisions about further instruction and intervention. This process typically has three tiers. Each tier provides differing levels of support.

    In Tier I, all students are explicitly taught positive behavioral expectations. All teachers use a consistent approach to discipline. 
    In Tier II, the school provides supplemental targeted behavioral skill interventions usually in small groups. 
    In Tier III, student centered planning is used to develop customized interventions with frequent progress monitoring.