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    My phone #: 423-0613 X 2117

                                                                    Weekly/Monthly Reminders:  

    *The first day of school is Thursday, September 7th! It is going to be a 12:55 early dismissal day.  Since the first day of school is a 12:55 early dismissal day, children will only have snack time and not lunch.  Children may bring snack from home or purchase snack from the cafeteria.     

    *Please send your child with his/her Jeffrey Clark folder everyday.  Children will get this folder on the first day of school.    

    *Starting 9/8/23, please send your child to school with a peanut free/ nut free snack for the afternoon everyday.  Please send your child with a snack that is easy to open and eat. I recommend sending your child’s snack separately inside his/her backpack, especially if your child brings a lunchbox/lunch bag when packing lunch from home.

    *Children are allowed to bring a water bottle to school. 

    *On 12:55 early dismissal days, children will only have snack time and not lunch in the morning.  Children may bring snack from home or purchase snack from the cafeteria.  We will not have a classroom afternoon snack time as a result of the early dismissal.  

    * Thursday, 5/9: Start of A to Z Summer Countdown!  
    *Boostethon 5/20-5/30!  
    *Library books due on or before Tuesday, 5/21. Please return your book inside your plastic bag.  Thanks. Children will not check out a new book on 5/21.  
    * Wed., 5/22: Boosterthon pajama day!  
    *Clark Field Day Friday, 5/24!  9:10-11:10 and 2:00! Rain Date 5/31.  
    School closed Monday, 5/27 for Memorial Day!  

    *Change of Daily Dismissal Form: Please complete the attached Change to Dismissal Form for a temporary change to student dismissal. This form helps us with a safe dismissal each afternoon.

    5 Day Specials Rotation Schedule: 

    Day 1 Physical Education

    Day 2 Music

    Day 3 Library 

    Day 4 Spanish

    Day 5 Art and Physical Education

    Week of 5/20/24 schedule:

    Mon. Day 2 Music 

    Tues. Day 3 Library (please return the library book on or before inside your child's plastic bag)

    Wed. Day 4 Spanish

    Thurs. Day 5 Art and Physical Education (please remember sneakers) 

    Fri. Day 1 Physical Education (please remember sneakers); Clark Field Day!  


    Fundations: We will begin Unit 12 on 4/30.  We will read, sound out, spell, and write multi-syllable words.  We will learn to scoop or underline the two syllables or parts.  Unit 12 practice box words: people, month, little, been, want, own, Mr., Mrs.  Unit 12 story: Jackson   
    We will begin Unit 13 on 5/21.  

    Journeys: Unit 5 Lesson 23: Week of 5/20: theme: pets.  Practice box words: again, along, boy, began, house, father, nothing, together.  Comprehension skills: cause and effect-tell what happens and why; monitor/clarify: find ways to figure out what doesn't make sense.  Vocabulary: define words.  Phonics: vowel team oo like book; syllable pattern CVC.  Grammar: possessive pronouns.  Superstar words: behave, accent, gooey, siesta, sizzling, translated.    

    Go Math: We will begin Ch. 12 two-dimensional geometry and fractions on 5/8.  There are ten lessons in Ch. 12.  We will name, describe, and combine 2-D shapes, identify equal and unequal shares, and identify and show halves and fourths. Ch. 12 vocabulary: circle, hexagon, rectangle, square, triangle, equal parts, fourths, fourth of, quarter of, halves, half of, side, vertex, vertices, corner, corners, unequal parts.         

    Science: we will learn about patterns in the sky (sun, moon, and stars) starting 9/21. November/December will include characteristics of living and nonliving things.   January topics will include animal and plant adaptations, what animals do in winter, habitats, and seasons.  April/May topics will include Earth Day, light and sound.            

    Social Studies: some September topics that will be included in read aloud stories include: what makes a good friend, growth mindset, the zones of regulation, citizenship, school rules, Fall/Autumn.  We will begin our new series Young Citizens on 10/10. We will begin with Unit 2 and learn what you know about school.  November will also include Veterans Day and Thanksgiving.  December: we will learn about winter holidays.  January: we will review citizenship and growth mindset, plan New Year goals, and learn about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and winter.  We will begin Young Citizens Chapter 3: What do we find in our neighborhood? on 1/29.  During February, we will also learn about African American heroes in celebrating Black History Month, 100th day, Valentine's Day, Groundhog's Day, and Presidents' Day.  March topics will include St. Patrick's Day and spring.  We will also finish Young Citizens Chapter 3: What do we find in our neighborhood? and complete Young Citizens chapter 4-What Makes a Town? March/April.  May/June topics will include American symbols and landmarks.                           

    Grammar skills: September: we will review proper sentence mechanics (starting each sentence with an uppercase letter and ending with proper punctuation). 

    Writing skills: September: we will review proper letter formation and will write one/two sentence(s) using various sentences starters or prompts.  Focus will be placed on starting each sentence with an uppercase letter and ending with proper punctuation. We will use various read alouds to learn how writers work.  October/November: we will work on writing personal narratives.  Focus will be placed on having a beginning, middle, and end to each story, using proper sentence mechanics (uppercase letter to start, finger spacing between words, neatest writing, and punctuation), and adding details to sentences and illustrations.  We will begin Unit 5: nonfiction/informational writing on 1/8.  We will begin Unit 3: opinion writing/writing a book review on 2/15.  We will begin Unit 3 fiction on 3/21.  We will learn to write fantasy and realistic fiction stories.              
    Wed. 9/13 HW: Please refer to the letter inside your child's school folder concerning a practice word box-you can use your old one from Beginners or make a new one for first grade-the word box is for home and does not have to be brought to school.   
    Week of 5/20/24 Homework (Please refer to Return to school/yellow dot side of school folder.)
    Mon. math practice page; Please review the new practice box word list.   
    Tues. math practice page
    Wed. math practice page 
    Thurs. Please review the new practice box word list.
    Fri. none
    Homework: please refer to your child's Jeffrey Clark school folder...homework or papers that need to be signed and returned are placed in Return to School/ Homework pocket/yellow dot side.  The other side of the folder is Keep Home/green dot side...please remove papers from this side each night.