• The Beginners were introduced to new art elements and techniques this year along with new mediums.  We touched on line, color, texture, and pattern and incorporated various mediums such as crayons, colored pencils, oil pastels, water-based tempera paints, and liquid tempera paints.

    • The Leaf project: We explored the science of leaves changing color in the fall from green to the warm colors (red, yellow, and orange).  We also learned how to draw the shape of a leaf.   

    • The Abstract Line project:  This was based on the six types of  lines that they learned along with using the primary and secondary colors. 

    • The Primary Color Swirl project:  When painting the swirls with each primary color, students mixed the colors together to create the secondary colors.  

    • The Snowflake project:  This touched on radial symmetry using cool colors.  Students created a resist using oil pastels and water-based tempera paints.  

    • The recycled art project, Circle Printmaking: Students created prints using paper towel and toilet paper rolls.  The rolls were dipped in various colors of liquid tempera paint, then “stamped” on a blank paper to create a print.

    • The Firework project: Students drew lines in a circular pattern with various colored crayons.  

    Should you wish to proceed directly to your child's homeroom, the approximate timing is listed below the video image shown.  To start the video, click the image below, then click the play button.

    Beginner Virtual Art Show 2020

    DiDonato/Curtis/McDermott  first

    DiStefano 4:17

    Glenn/West 20:08
    Everly 23:59 Leheny  27:52 Piper 8:20
    Savage 12:16 Spadea 16:18 Wensko 21:38