• The First graders were introduced to new art elements and techniques this year including line, color, texture,  pattern, and shape.   

    • The “Leaf” project:  Students learned how to draw the shape of leaves.  This project was based on creating patterns using the six lines that they reviewed and learned along with using the primary and secondary colors. 

    • The dog project titled “My Choice Color Dog”: Students explored the meaning of color and the role it plays in our lives.  They learned that when creating art, everything does not have to be in its natural color.  This project had students illustrate a dog using an “unnatural” color; it encouraged students to "think outside the box" when they are creating art.   This project was inspired by the book "RED: A Crayon's Story".  This book teaches children that everything in our environment can be created using any color of your choosing.  This story also teaches character education --  the lesson being Acceptance, as the characters in the story learn to accept others the way they are.    

    • The “Snowflake” project:  Students utilized radial symmetry and cool colors for this project.  They also created a resist using oil pastels and water-based tempera paints.  

    • “Block Printmaking” project:  Students enjoyed creating a pattern by using a 3” block of wood wrapped in yarn in one direction.  The pattern was created by painting the block of yarn in paint with a paint brush, then pressing it down on the paper, alternating the direction of the prints in four rows of three prints in a pattern.  This was a new way of creating art and they truly loved this project!!   

    • The Firework project: Students drew lines in a circular pattern with crayons in various colors.  


    Should you wish to proceed directly to your child's homeroom, the approximate timing is listed below the video.  Please click on the image below then click the play button to play the Art Show.

    1st Grade Virtual Art Show 2020

    Aregood first

    Corradetti  3:50

    Eckert  7:17

    Gentile/Rival 10:21

    Maxie 13:31

    McCarthy & McDermott   16:52

    Payne  20:07

    Polizzi/West/McDermott  23:44

    Smith  27:11