• The Second graders were introduced to new art elements and techniques this year.  We touched on line, color, texture,  pattern, and shape.  With each project they completed, we introduced and reviewed the elements of art.  Students enjoyed using various mediums such as crayons, colored pencils, oil pastels, water-based tempera paints, and liquid tempera paints.


    • The “Fall Tree” project:  Students learned to create the tree from a dynamic perspective.  Students created the tree in a diagonal direction -- this gave the impression the viewer was looking up at a very tall tree.  

    • “Native American  Dream Catcher”:  Students used a brown paper bag paper that they decorated using Native American symbols.  The images were drawn in oil pastels and yarn was added as tassels on the bottom.  

    • The “Snowflake” project: We touched on radial symmetry using lines and shapes in white oil pastels.  Students created a resist by painting with cool colors using water-based tempera paints.  

    • “Printmaking” project:  Students used a 4”x4” square of styrofoam, the point of a pencil and tempera paint to create a design.  The pencil point was used to create indents on the styrofoam, then the styrofoam was painted using tempera paint.  The plate was then pressed on a blank sheet of paper a total of four times. 

    • “Fireworks” project:  Students drew lines in a circular pattern with crayons in various colors.  

    Should you wish to proceed directly to your child's homeroom, the approximate timing is listed below the image of the video.  To start the Art Show, please click on the image, then click the play button.

    2nd Grade Virtual Art Show 2020

    Finan first

    Gabler 3:31

    Gentile/Matteo 6:47

    Mirkovic 9:54

    Morris 13:12

    Pitz/Miller 16:20

    Samaniego 19:35

    Shedon 22:51

    Townes/McDermott 26:02