Basic Skills
    Basic skills instruction for both reading and math is also a resource available to students, as needed. In this program children are pulled out of the classroom to reinforce necessary skills.  You would be consulted with before enrolling your student, or dismissing your student, from this program. 
    What is I&RS?
    The Intervention and Referral Services committee is in place in our building to aid our teachers in accessing additional resources, interventions, and services for their students.
    When your child's teacher has a concern, either academic or behavioral, he/she will first consult with you, the grade level team, and our Basic Skills staff for suggestions and intervention ideas.  Those suggestions and interventions will be attempted and documented for 6-8 weeks.  Expect to hear from the teacher midway through this time,as well.
    If expected progress has not been made at the end of this period, the teacher will then consult with the I&RS team in the form of a new referral. 
    This team is made up of teachers from each grade level, the principal, the school counselor, the school nurse, and a representative of the child study team. At this time, a collection of data will be reviewed by the team.  This team will offer more suggestions, intervention ideas, and resources to the teacher.  A formal action plan will be proposed. Shortly after the team and teacher meet, you will be asked to come in for a meeting to discuss and review the data and finalize the plan of action.  
    This action plan will be implemented for another 6-8 weeks.  Your child's teacher will be in contact with you during this time to keep you up to date on progress being made.
    A review/follow up meeting with the I&RS team will be held by the teacher bi-monthly until the student is no longer in need of the team's services.  You will always be notified that these meetings after they have been held regarding the outcomes and any further suggestions.  
    Your child's teacher is responsible to keep you up to date on all facets of the action plan, progress, changes to the plan, etc.