DOJO points:  students earn dojo points for good choices, behavior, and compliments. These points can be traded in for prizes such as stickers, pencils, bookmarks, desk pet, treasure box, teacher co-pilot, etc.

    Buzz Bucks: students will earn Buzz Bucks throughout the school for excellent choices and following expectations. These Buzz Bucks will be placed in the first grade bin for a daily prize drawing by Dr. Connell. Once our school bin is filled, we earn a school-wide celebration!

    Small Group:

    Shuttle Points: 

    Each crew (shuttle) will have opportunities throughout the day to earn points. The shuttle with the most points at the end of the day will earn extra Dojo points to keep for themselves.

    Whole Class:

    Compliment Comets: 

    Anytime our crew receives a compliment for reaching for the Moon, they will get a comet (marble) in our Compliment Jar. Once the comets reach our goal, the class will receive a special treat. We also have a music box that will act as a gentle reminder  throughout the week to stay on task. If music is left in the box by the end of the week we will add 5 comets to our jar!!

    *** If you would like to contribute to our treasure box, please feel free to send in dollar store prizes and favors throughout the year! We are hard workers and will certainly put them to good use! **