• Individual: 
    Star Chart: students will earn stars throughout the week for various good choices. When students reach their goal of 25 stars on their chart they will get to choose a reward from the prize box or our class coupon book.
    DOJO points:  students will start each day with 5 "automatic" dojo points. We keep, lose and earn additional points based on our choices. The TWO students with the most points at the end of the week will earn (2) Rocket stars, a BEE, and get first choice for our FUN Friday activities. 
    SMALL Group:
    Rocket Stars: 
    Each crew (shuttle) will have opportunities throughout the day to earn points. The shuttle with the most points at the end of the day will earn a star on their chart. 
    Whole Class:
    Compliment Comets: 
    Anytime our crew receives a compliment or reaches for the Moon they will get a comet (marble) in the Compliment Jar. Once the comets reach our goal, the class will receive a special treat. We also have a music box that will act as a gentle reminder  throughout the week to stay on task. If music is left in the box by the end of the week we will add 5 comets to our jar!!