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    Wednesday's Homework:
    Word work and study for the WW quiz.



    Unit 15 - Week 1 and 2

    Suggested Working with Words List


    Directions: Please choose 10-15 words to work with each night. In order to practice every skill, make sure you use some words from each category.


    Skills for Unit-  vowel teams (ou, ew, oo, ue)


    Trick Words- January  February July  enough special December


    Review  Words-  brown  plow frown  thrown crow tomboy  join queen indeed beaver  complain pray shirt panther  chart storm store ruby silly  duke graze costume inventive splendid  splashed mixer messes sold drank bliss  


    Review Trick Words- shall  full pull  both talk walk done  goes pretty again please  animal sure use used against  knew know always often once only  house move right place together eight  large change city every family night carry  something world answer different picture learn  earth father brother mother great country away America  school thought whose won son breakfast head ready favorite  early ocean Monday Tuesday cousin lose tomorrow beautiful Wednesday  Thursday Saturday bought brought piece


    Unit Words-  (ou oo ue)  as “u”

    Trout  snout pounding  shouted round outline  ground pouting couches pouch


    Ou as u

    Youth  soup group  you soupy croup


    Oo as u

    Noon  drool shampoo moon  boom igloo cartoon blooming  shoot rooster foolish smooth hoop  scooter spook


    Oo as u

    Cook  book shook  hook hood good  wood crook brook  took stood foot understood


    Ue as u

    Value  argue rescue  cue continue


    2018-2019 Special Schedule:  

    Day 1 - Spanish
    Day 2 - Physical Education
    Day 3 - Music and Strings 
    Day 4 - Physical Education and Art 
    Day 5 - Library 
    Recess/Lunch 12:23 - 1:11
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