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    Wednesday's Homework:
    Complete WW and math pages.


    Unit 4- Week 1 and 2

     Suggested Working with Words List

    Directions: Please choose 10-15 words to work with each night. In order to practice every skill, make sure you use some words from each category. 

    Skills for Unit 4: suffixes, base words 


    Unit Words- -with s- blocks   stuffs saps  drinks lungs champs   claps kilts rents posts  tents hunts rings stinks hills  puffs packs stands frogs bells


    -with es- crunches  boxes benches  crashes glasses  pinches lunches wishes  dishes rashes passes splashes  flosses brushes


    -with -ing- singing  swinging stinging  swelling pressing jumping  punching testing dusting filling  cracking crashing dunking bending


    -with er- smaller  taller colder  bolder faster quicker  stronger longer kinder golfer  milder blender stinger kicker caller  hunter holder  


    With -est- smallest  tallest coldest  boldest fastest quickest  strongest longest kindest softest  mildest dullest plumpest


    -with ed- hunted  rented welded  posted hosted folded  scolded handed twisted  busted ended molded dented  landed dusted filmed called  drilled chilled pressed sniffed  blinked yanked fluffed winked jumped  stamped camped dunked honked stamped 


    Review Words:  fix   skit neck   splash jog quack   bunch mask milk smack  wept click scrub twig   frost clog floss flex cliff  sniff staff chill spell skill spank   chunk flunk rang cramp drink plant ant  bold colt grind mild host scold bolt mind  wild post jolt mold


    Trick words:     again   please animal   sure use used





    2019-2020 Special Schedule:  

    Day 1 - Spanish
    Day 2 - Physical Education
    Day 3 - Music and Strings 
    Day 4 - Physical Education and Art 
    Day 5 - Library 
    Recess/Lunch 12:23 - 1:11
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