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    Thursday, September 19th
    Math pages and WW. Bring back
    WW books tomorrow.


    Unit 1- Week 1 and 2 

    Suggested Working with Words List


    Directions: Please choose 10-15 words to work with each night. In order to practice every skill, make sure you use some words from each category. 


    Skills: Digraphs, short vowel sounds, blends


    Short Vowel Words: bun, bib, red, kid, nod, but, pot, pat, tab, tin, rat, big, tip, gum, dip, mug, sub, fun, tag, rag, tug, mug, not, big, let, set, met, jab, jog, yip, dug, fit, get, hut, hot, hug, hog, yet, yap, wet, vat, lip, log, lug, nag, nip, job, jug, get, jet, nap, rug, sap, sip, sit, sat, set, zip, zig, zap, wax, mix, fox, cup, cob, kid, kit, cut, cub, cap, 


    Diagraphs: rash, path, dash, math, dish, such, rich, much, path, chat, bath, thud, thug, moth, fish, mash, mush, chip, lash, Beth, that, sash, quit, quiz, quick, thick, neck, check, shock, dock, 


    Blends: sent, must, best, lend, drop, loft, pest, pond, flap, bent, grab, jump, last, raft, stub, grip, brag, flop, belt, glad, grin, plug, drum, dust, rest, hunt, vest, step, flag, drag, drip, past, vent, fist, flip, test, frog, spin, soft, fast, trap, lost, nest, mast, list, snip, spot, limp, lump, flat, snap, hint, scrap, strap, sprint, split, twist, next, crab, crib, task, skip, milk     


    Digraph Blends: shelf, chest, trash, stash,  slush, swish, brush, bunch, thump, blush, bench, chimp, pinch, punch, chomp, shred, shrug, munch, flash, shrub, quilt, squish, clock, stuck, crash, crack, black, crush, crunch          


    Trick words:      you your    they was   one said

    2019-2020 Special Schedule:  

    Day 1 - Spanish
    Day 2 - Physical Education
    Day 3 - Music and Strings 
    Day 4 - Physical Education and Art 
    Day 5 - Library 
    Recess/Lunch 12:23 - 1:11
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