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    Wednesday's Homework:
    WW and math pages.


    Unit 6- Week 1 and 2

     Suggested Working with Words List

    Directions: Please choose 10-15 words to work with each night. In order to practice every skill, make sure you use some words from each category. 


    Skills for Unit- “magic e”, cvcv with suffixes, z sound, multi-syllable words, 


    Trick Words- only, house, move, right, place, together


    Closed Vowel/E Pairs- cut/cute  rid/ride Tim/time  pet/Pete mill/mile rod/rode  cap/cape hop/hope tub/tube duck/duke  fin/fine sack/sake stack/stake luck/Luke  kit/kite Jack/Jake Jan/Jane glob/globe pip/pipe  pop/pope bit/bite cop/cope plan/plane sham/shame  


    One Syllable CVCV Words- lime  ape tide  cube whine  lane wide cake  line pole flame nine  tube spine dare grade vote  file care mile came bone cone  wife smile note choke dime drive  mine flute tape share joke wave hide  name pile bite hope wine slope ride plane  poke rule plate scrape throne spoke  


    Words with a Suffix- apes  cakes poles  tubes statement  hopeful trades bikes  hides homeless lateness  careful takes drives


    Z sound between two vowels- these  close chose  fuse rose nose  maze blaze haze graze  froze doze craze pose those  use


    Multi-syllable words- invite  reptile entire  inside exhale bedtime  admire baseball grapevine  unlike dislike trombone postpone  inflate entire flagpole bagpipe expire  volume


    -ive words- give  live olive  olives captive


    -ive words with a suffix- active  inventive disruptive


    -Words with 3 syllables- incomplete   valentine recognize  contribute


    2019-2020 Special Schedule:  

    Day 1 - Spanish
    Day 2 - Physical Education
    Day 3 - Music and Strings 
    Day 4 - Physical Education and Art 
    Day 5 - Library 
    Recess/Lunch 12:23 - 1:11
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