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    Thursday's Homework:
    Complete study guide and WW.


    Unit 10- Week 1 and Week 2

     Suggested Working with Words List


    Directions: Please choose 10-15 words to work with each night. In order to practice every skill, make sure you use some words from each category. 


    Skills for Unit- vowel teams, homophones, multi-syllable words


    Trick Words- great  country away  America school  thought


    Review Trick Words- another  none nothing  people month

    Shall  full pull  both talk walk  done goes pretty  again please animal  sure use used against  knew know always often once  only house move right place together  eight large change city every family night  carry something world answer different picture  learn earth father brother mother


    Review Words- squirted  serve burn give  cursive cart marking  horn shortly score tardy  orbit flute snake maze insides  exhale perfume bath math polished  editing stumped filled posted smallest  plumper jumping benches drinks golden rewind  defend 


    Unit Words-  stray  clay ray  paint drain  train spray faint  may say paid bait raid  rain tray way day hay pay  waist gray lay grain brain wait  sprain braid chain stayed fainted praying  Thursday mermaid complain explain contain raindrops  maybe subway playpen entertain runway explained complained  entertainment delaying remained delayed remaining


    Homophones- pain/pane  plain/plane main/mane  tail/tale pail/pale mail/male  



    2019-2020 Special Schedule:  

    Day 1 - Spanish
    Day 2 - Physical Education
    Day 3 - Music and Strings 
    Day 4 - Physical Education and Art 
    Day 5 - Library 
    Recess/Lunch 12:23 - 1:11
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