• Daily 5

    The Daily Five


    The Daily Five is a way of structuring our literacy block that allows for differentiation and consistency in the classroom.  It is a system of five tasks that teaches students independence.  The students will be instructed through whole group, small group, and/or individual conferencing


    The Daily Five consists of five literacy components.  These components are Read to Self, Read to Someone, Listen to Reading, Work on Writing, and Work with Words.  We will work to establish routines that will allow the students to work in a nurturing environment that allows student choice.  Students will help create an anchor chart (which will be posted) that list correct behaviors during these tasks.  Repeated practice and reflection allow The Daily Five to be most successful. 


    Book selection is critical to make reading more purposeful for children.  Our system of book selection is entitled IPICK. 

    I-I choose a book

    P-Purpose-Why do I want to read it?

    I-Interest-Does it interest me?

    C-Comprehend-Am I understanding what I am reading?

    K-Know-I know most of the words (you can use the five finger rule hereread the first page of a book, each time you don’t know a word, put up a finger, if you put up more than five fingers, you don’t know most of the words)


    Research shows that you need to read to become a better reader and write to become a better writer.