• Our First Grade Practice Box Words

    These words should be in your practice box and practiced throughout the week! Copy and paste the below link into your browser for a list of the words by Unit. 



    Challenge practice box words: invitation, miss, ruin, scamper, suddenly, bandits, sensitive, brave, still, steady, chattered, genuine, scrumptious, cheerful, curious, unique, separate, crept, snout, proud, sneaked, concerned, skirt, canvas, rhythym, combinations, ease, flutter, space, sealed, subways, alleys, dash, ferry, bills, stubby, agreement, portion, discussed, scultpure, grind, miller, yanking, selfish, scampered, pouches, scurry, burrow, predator, hibernate, strict, companions, portions, exchange, gracefully, view, frisky, tumbled, bulging, unfortunate, shrivel, familiar, bouquet, vines, produces, alert, scale, threatened, surrounded, swivel, surface, atmosphere, landscape, miniature, decision, vast, research, prediction, bunsen burner, particle, labratory, beaker, accent, siesta, vendor, translated. sizzling, misty, chuckled, grumbled, dreadful, demanded, panted, terrified, examine