• The Jeffrey Clark School is one of two schools that comprise East Greenwich Township Schools, located in Mickleton, NJ. The Clark School is a Pre-Kindergarten through Grade 2 building that welcomes approximately 590 students each day.  The East Greenwich School District is committed to the education of its children evidenced by the community support, parental involvement, and collaboration of all stake holders.  

    At the Clark School, our focus continues to be on meeting the needs of our students – socially, emotionally, and academically.  Our teachers attain the skills to bring the best educational practices to their classrooms by attending professional development sessions, attending weekly grade level meetings to share best practices, participating in various committee meetings, and by taking part in book studies.  

    The district has adopted the Go Math! Series for math instruction and utilizes the Journeys Series and additional curriculum resources to deliver Language Arts instruction.  Our teachers are utilizing The Daily 5, a reading structure that encourages students to take ownership of their learning.  Through the use of this structure, teachers can focus on differentiated instruction – utilizing small group learning and even individual conferences.  Teachers are able to assess the students’ current skill levels, couple that with their interests and build on that foundation. 

    Classroom teachers at the Clark School also use Fundations.  Fundations provides a systematic and explicit approach to reading and spelling with phonics.  Research indicates that systematic and explicit phonics instruction is effective for children.  Fundations provides integrated, systematic word study, spelling, and handwriting instruction.  This phonics instruction will be combined with the reading of good literature, which is just as important to a child’s development.

    Students are assessed regularly to monitor progress.  Students’ current academic levels in reading are assessed three times per year using the Fountas and Pinnell Running Records Assessment.  The MAP (Measure of Academic Progress) is used to assess current skill levels in math for students in grades 1 and 2.  Teachers will use the data gathered through these assessments to drive their instructional practice.  AMISWeb is used to assess early literacy skills for our primary students.

    Using data from these assessments, students who meet the specified criteria, may participate in the Books and Beyond Reading Group.  These students meet regularly with the school librarian to read and further investigate literature selections from various genres and complete enrichment activities.

    The data collected also reveals students who may benefit from Basic Skills Intervention in reading or math.  Basic skills instructors work with students in small group or individual sessions. Programs utilized include but are not limited to Fundations Wilson Literacy Program, a systematic and explicit approach to reading and spelling with phonics for ELA.  The Orton Gillingham approach is also used in our BSI classes.  The RTI model from the Go Math! Series and other resources are used for math intervention.  

    Our Intervention and Referral Services team (I&RS), consisting of the counselor, principal, and teachers, is in place to ensure we are meeting the needs of our students.  Our school counselor is available to ensure that students’ academic and social/personal needs are being addressed. Through the Character Education Committee, our school has developed a school wide positive behavior program.  The “Bee Your Best” program allows students to earn bees for demonstrating exemplary behavior throughout the school day. 

    Students in Beginners (Kindergarten) through Grade 2, participate in classes including Art, Music, Physical Education & Health Education, Library, and World Language (Spanish) delivered by content area specialists.  In addition, we have many assemblies, trips and activities planned throughout the school year.