• Dear Parents and Guardians,

    It's going to be a FABULOUS year!  This year will be filled with excitement, fun, and lots of learning.  Your child will be given tools and the opportunities to really explore knowledge.  I believe that learning can be an enjoyable journey, where in the end we can all grow and develop a true love of wisdom and discover our strengths and passions.
    I value open communication between home and school.   I will keep in constant contact communication with you concerning the events in our classroom.  I will also keep in constant contact with you regarding your child's academic gains and/or struggles.  If I have any concerns, I will contact you immediately.  Moreover, if you feel there is a concern, please contact me as soon as possible.  Together you and I can work to ensure that your child is successful.
    I know we are going to have a FABULOUS year!  If you need anything, please feel free to contact me. 
    Mrs. Koloski                
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