• In order to assure each student’s right to the best educational environment possible, I have developed a CLASSROOM DISCIPLINE POLICY that will be in effect at all times.  This plan will encourage each student to accept responsibility for his or her own behavior.

    Classroom Rules

    1. Be Safe
    • Keep hands, feet and objects to your self
    • Sit properly in your chair
    • Walk in the classroom and halls
    1. Be Responsible
    • Follow directions
    • Be prepared
    • Always try your best
    1. Be Respectful
      • Raise your hand to speak
      • Keep your eyes on the speaker
      • Respect others’ property

    If a student chooses to break a rule, the following consequences will be enforced:

    1st time: Verbal warning

    2nd time: 10 minutes off recess

    3rd time: Loss of recess and note/phone call home

    4th time: Sent to Principal’s office and/or parent conference

    *Severe disruption: immediately sent to the Principal’s office


                    Students who follow the rules will be rewarded with praise, special privileges, and special treats throughout the year.  Buzz bucks are also given out to students exhibiting positive behavior.