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              My name is Diane O'Malley.  I have the pleasure of teaching at Samuel Mickle 3rd-6th grade Physical Education. 
                            I graduated from Rowan University in 2001 with my Bachelors in Health and Physical Education.  I also graduated from Rowan University in 2008 with my Master's in Educational Technology.
                            I'm very excited about working with your children, if you ever have any questions or concerns I'm only a phone call or email away. This school year for PE/ Health will look differently.  Remote students come 5 days a week for PE and Hybrid students will come 3 times a week.  Each meeting time will be by google meet and the student must log on to receive credit.  If this is a problem or concern for your child please reach out.  I will post equipment or supplies needed for the class in advance so everyone can be successful in the class.  
    My email:
    Ext: 3130
    For questions about grading please see Rubrics on Physical Education Homepage.