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    A little bit about Mrs. Putnam....

    In 2010, I completed my student teaching at Samuel Mickle and shorty after I graduated from Rowan University with a degree in Elementary Education and Writing Arts. Since then I've taught at a few different schools and in a few different grade levels with the most time spent teaching 3rd!  I've been teaching at East Greenwich since 2013. 


    A few fun facts....
    ~ I have a German Shepherd and her name is Callie.  
    ~I'm the oldest of four children.  I have two brothers (Alex and Mike) and a sister (Michelle).  One of my brothers used to play in the NFL (Patriots and Ravens)! 
    ~My favorite colors are pink and red. 
    ~I love the beach and go to North Wildwood almost every weekend in the summer.
    ~I'm really tall! 
    ~Fall is my favorite season, followed closely by summer.
    ~Chocolate, ice cream and pizza are my favorite foods.
    ~My favorite candy is Dove dark chocolate
    ~I like to travel.  I've been to England, Ireland, Italy, Jamaica and Canada along with many places in the USA.
    ~I used to play a lot of sports such as softball, basketball and track and field.