• Overview:
    Our Math standards will be implemented using "Go Math." Our daily schedule is comprised of: review of homework, basic facts practice, whole group instruction, and small group centers . Every student will meet with Mrs. Vadino in a small group setting and will visit multiple centers, including math games, IXL, online review, ThinkCentral Mega Math & Personal Math trainer, partner work, and fact practice. Math assessments will include: chapter tests (primary), mid-chapter checkpoint quizzes (secondary), and fact quizzes..
    Accessing resources from home:
    CLICK HERE to access Think Central. To log-on to Think Central, use the number that was given to you (it should be in your HAB). This number is both your username and password. You can access everything by clicking on "My Library" on your dashboard.
    How to print workbook pages from home:
    1 - Select the Interactive Student Edition G4 icon (make sure it's the interactive one)
    2 - Choose the Chapter/Lesson you need to access
    3 - Click on the red dot to jump ahead to "Personal Math Trainer" (you may need to maximize your screen)
    4 - Click on the whistle
    5 - Click the "textbook" icon on the right-hand side. This will open up a new window with the lesson pages to print.