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     East Greenwich School District Grading Policy


    All graded assignments will fall under three different categories:

    Supportive, Secondary, and Primary.


    The breakdown of assignments and weighting is as follows:

    PRIMARY Grading

    The average of all primary grades will count as 50% of grade:

    Unit Assessments, Performance Based Assessments, Tests, Major Projects (School Based), Major Essays, and Extensive Labs.  

    SECONDARY Grading

    The average of all secondary grades will count as 35% of grade:

    Quizzes, Graded Practice, Smaller Labs, Minor Writing Responses, Journal Entries, Outlines, Smaller Based Projects, and Essential Questions journals.

    SUPPORTIVE Grading

    The average of all primary grades will count as 15% of grade:

    Homework, Guided Practice, Outlines, Center Work, Binder/Notebook Checks, Spelling Quizzes, Grammar Quizzes,  and Small Home-Based Projects.
    A: 92 and above
    B: 83-91
    C: 74-82
    D: 73-66
    F: 64 and below
    Writing and ELA grades will be combined to form the English Language Arts grade on the report card. Parents will also receive a writing portfolio containing student writing and rubrics.
    If you have any questions regarding the district grading policy, please do not hesitate to ask!