• Art

    Samuel Mickle Art Clubs


    Advisor: Dannielle Benedetto (benedettod@eastgreenwich.k12.nj.us)



    Mural Arts

    Grade 6: 3:20-4:15p Thursdays


    Students will be divided  into groups by homeroom. An  equal number of class meetings will be provided for every session. Sessions last approximately 7-8 weeks.  Students will be working on completion of existing murals and additions. These murals include themes of character, education,  world peace, citizenship and sustainability. Mural students also paint the set and scenery for the school play. 


    Learning Goals:

    Exploring Message and meaning in art

    Promote school pride

    Create opportunity for team building experience

    Provide a non-competitive environment with healthy peer interaction and friendship opportunities


    Student Objectives:

    Students will:

    -break into groups

    -address school needs (including Clark)

    -divide assignments to teams

    -plan and discussed subject and location of future murals including canvas backdrops.


    Exploration piece: Mural Arts of Philadelphia virtual tour of Philadelphia Murals

    Discussion on meaning and message. Promotion of liberty echos through the art of Philly Murals.

    Samuel Mickle/Jeffery Clark Mural themes will continue with themes of good character, world peace, & sustainability.


    Drawing and Painting

    Grade 4: Day #3 during recess
    Grade 5: Day #4 during recess


    Students can participate in  teacher-led formal instruction of technical skills, drawing from life, photos and imagination. A variety of craft supplies and paint will be available for independent and group led activities.

    Learning Goals:

    To present drawing and painting lessons in digestible bites

    To decode challenges with strategies and techniques

    To delve deeper into detail and precision

    Enrich student art experience

    To provide a creative outlet for students who thrive in the arts

    To provide an outlet to create friendships in a positive environment


    Student Objectives:

    Students will:

    -be divided into groups with peers

    -keep a sketchbook

    -select topics and themes

    -draw from life,photos,& imagination

    -build still life and draw

    -receive teacher led formal instruction on technical skills


    -work on projects

    -complete 1-2 canvas paintings by the end of the year.