Class Guidelines

    1. The following heading isrequired on all assignments:

    Name Date

    Grade Subject Assignment


    2. Margins are required on allassignments.


    3. Lined, white paper should beused on all assignments unless you are told otherwise.

    Points will be deducted fromany assignment that does not follow these guidelines.




    1. All homework assignmentswill be due at the beginning of the class the day after it was assigned. It will be checked at the beginning of classand then placed in the Science binder.All homework should be recorded in the HAB. When homework is not turned in on the day itis due, 10 points will be deducted from the final grade. ALL HOMEWORK FROM THEWEEK MUST BE TURNED IN BY FRIDAY. ANYHOMEWORK THAT IS NOT TURNED IN BY FRIDAY WILL BE RECORED AS A “0” AND CANNOT BEMADE UP. Homework will be returned to be placed in notebook.


    2. Students who missed classfor instrumental lessons are responsible to get homework they missed. Thehomework is still due the next day. If astudent is out of class when homework is due, they still must turn it in thatday. Any student that is absent fromclass due to illness, will have the appropriate time to make up the homeworkaccording to the school policy.


    3. All homework should be kepttogether with all of the notes for each subject until the end of the chapter.


    4. Homework is extremelyimportant to help see your progress. Ifit is not completed it is hard to determine your understanding until the test,which then will be too late. Please makesure homework gets done each night, even late homework assignments can hurtgrades.


    Grades and Tests


    1. All major tests and quizzes willbe announced in advance. Binder quizzes can be given at any time. Binderquizzes will include questions from previous homework assignments that havealready been completed and checked as a class.


    2. All assignments will bemarked on this scale.


    A = 92 - 100 D= 65- 73

    B = 83 - 91 F= 64 and below

    C = 82 - 74


    3. Cheating of any kind, on anyassignment, will result in a failing grade on that assignment.


    4. Grades may be dropped foreach of the following: sloppiness, lateness, improper or incomplete heading,spelling, or punctuation errors.


    5. Grades will be calculatedbased on the following percentages:


    Primary Assessments (Tests, Major Labs,Projects) 65%

    Secondary Assessments (Quizzes, MinorLabs, Essential Questions) 25%

    Supportive (Homework) 10%





    1. Gum may not be chewed inclass.


    2. You will have respect foryourself, each other and each other’s property.


    3. All pencil sharpening willbe done before the class starts; there will be no sharpening of pencils while Iam talking. Please bring at least twopencils.


    4. When the period ends and itis time to be dismissed, no one lines up until we are all quiet.


    5. When a student requiresdiscipline in class that student will have their name placed on the board as awarning. If the behavior continues thestudent will receive a check on the board and will be required to miss half oftheir recess. If the behavior stillcontinues the student will receive a second check and miss all of theirrecess. If the disruption continues, orthere is a need to remove a student immediately, the student will be sent tothe office.

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