• Welcome Letter 2023-24SY

    A school lunch will be available for purchase. The monthly lunch menu is located below, and the cost for a school lunch is $3.50 and includes milk. If children bring their lunch, they may purchase milk for $0.60. You may use the LunchBox computerized system to make payments or send cash or check (made out to EGTS-Cafeteria) in an envelope for the cafeteria to deposit in your child’s account. Our cashiers will be using a “Touch Screen” computer on the serving line. Each child will be provided a lunch number to use while coming through the cafeteria serving line. The system will allow you to manage your child’s account online and track what they are eating. The website is MySchoolBucks.com.

    Please contact our Cafeteria Manager, Tammie Zane, with questions.


Lunch Menus

My Schoolbucks