Student Chromebook Information

  • In the East Greenwich Township School District, student Chromebook use plays a pivotal role in enhancing the educational experience. Chromebooks are provided to students as a powerful tool to facilitate learning and collaboration in a digital age. At the Jeffrey Clark School, students are provided with Chromebooks that are kept in the classroom for student use, while at the Samuel Mickle School, each new student is assigned a Chromebook, charger, and a case that is taken to and from school.

    The Chromebooks are configured and managed by the EGTSD Technology Department and are loaded with the necessary software and applications students require to foster a dynamic and engaging learning environment, empowering students to acquire 21st-century skills and succeed academically in an increasingly digital world.

Chromebook Protection Plan

  • Parents/Guardians are encouraged to purchase the Chromebook Protection Plan for their child’s district-issued Chromebook.  The Chromebook Protection Plan covers both non-accidental and accidental damage that may happen to a student’s Chromebook. The plan can be purchased for a fee of $30 per year, or parents can prepay for all 4 years of protection at a discounted price of $100, AND your child will own the device at the end of the sixth-grade year. Families who do not opt into the protection plan may be charged for each instance of malfunction or damage not covered by the manufacturer's warranty. All repairs for Chromebook damage will be charged back to the parent/guardian. The chart below outlines the plan costs.

    Chromebook Protection Plans


    One-Year Chromebook Protection Plan


    Four-Year Chromebook Protection Plan


    *** The Chromebook Protection Plan does not cover loss or theft. 

    *** The cost is subject to change from year to year depending on the cost of Chromebooks and parts.

Chromebook Repairs

  • Students at the Samuel Mickle School should contact their teacher regarding their damaged or malfunctioning Chromebook. Teachers will submit Technology Work Orders to have the broken devices repaired. Chromebook repairs will usually be completed by the end of the school day but can take longer depending on the device's problems and warranty status. A loaner Chromebook may be provided for the student to use while the device is being repaired, and a family member will be notified via email about the damaged device and any costs that may be incurred. 

Lost / Stolen Chromebooks

  • Students and/or families with a missing Chromebook should report the issue to a school staff member or email as soon as possible.  The Technology Team has steps we can take to lock the device and attempt to discover/track the location of the device. Please note that you will be contacted at a later date to coordinate the pickup of a replacement Chromebook and/or the next steps.