Beyond the Bell is a self-sufficient program designed to provide a safe and secure environment for the children of the East Greenwich Township Public Schools both before class starts and after dismissal. It is not an extension of the school day. We ask that you share with us any special circumstances we may need to be aware of for your child. We have a program at both the Jeffrey Clark School and Samuel Mickle School. All students, from Beginners through 6th grade, are eligible to register for our program.



    Our morning program begins at 6:30 a.m. and runs until 8:25 a.m. when the children are dismissed directly into their classrooms.

    Our afternoon program begins at dismissal as the children are dismissed directly into our program. Children must be picked up no later than 6:00 p.m.

    In the event of a school closing for inclement weather or another emergency, Beyond the Bell will also be closed. In the event of a delayed opening we will also operate on a delayed schedule. Our delayed start will reflect what the delayed opening of the school would be. For example, if the school has a 2 hour delay due to snow, the starting time of our program would be 8:30 a.m. On scheduled half days, we operate on an extended schedule which begins at dismissal and runs until 6:00 p.m.

    The school nurse is not available during our hours. All our staff is Red Cross First Aid and CPR certified. In the event of an emergency we will attempt to contact all emergency contacts provided to us starting with the parents. For this reason, it is imperative that you provide us with accurate contact information and update us if anything changes. If it is necessary, 911 will be called prior to calling the parent/guardian.



    In the interest of trying to prevent the spread of illness, if your child shows any signs of illness, you will be required to come pick them up as soon as possible. If your child has a fever of 100 degrees or higher, we will report this to the school nurse and they will be prohibited from returning to school for at least 24 hours after being fever free without fever medication.



    When arriving in the morning, a parent/guardian is required to walk the child into the building. The parent/guardian MUST sign in the child. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD A CHILD SIGN THEMSELVES IN. For the safety of all the children, no child is permitted to walk in without a parent or guardian.

    When picking up your child, you are required to pick up your child at the designated time for the session that you registered them. PM 1 must be picked up by 4:40 p.m. and PM 2 must be picked up by 6:00 p.m. For PM 1, 4:40 p.m. is considered late. On the third late pick up, your registration will be changed to PM 2 for the remainder of the school year and you will be charged the PM 2 tuition fee. For PM 2, 6:01 p.m. is considered late. On the third late pick up, you will be charged $25 for each additional late pick up. After the 6th late pick up, we will need to have a review to determine if your child will be able to continue in our program. The person picking up your child must be included on your list of approved pick up people. All persons picking up a child in our program are subject to providing a government or employer issued ID. The person picking up the child will need to know their student ID number to sign them out. Children are not allowed to sign themselves in or out. There are absolutely no exceptions to this rule.



    If you change your child’s schedule, you must complete a change of dismissal form. This form must be submitted to the office. Beyond the Bell will receive a copy. In the event there is a question as to whether or not your child should be dismissed to us or sent home on the bus, we will always keep your child. For the safety of your child we will always err on the side of caution.



    Our program offers different sessions to accommodate your varied schedules. We have an AM session and 2 PM sessions. Current fees are as follows and are subject to change. All prices are per month.

    AM                                                      $135

    PM 1                                                   $145

    PM 2                                                   $180

    AM  and PM 1                                  $215

    AM and PM 2                                   $275

    Drop In / Maintenance AM - $13 per child per day  

    Drop In / Maintenance PM - $15 per child per day


    Drop in is within 24 hours’ notice. No discounts for drop ins. You must be registered to use the drop in option. Payment for drop ins is due on the day of use.


    Payments are due no later than the 5th of the month. A $10 late fee will be charged for any late payments. A 10% sibling discount is given for the 2nd and any additional child.

    Note: No cash will be accepted. Payments must be made by check or money order.

    For tax purposes our tax ID number is 21-6000259



    • No physical contact of any kind will be tolerated
    • No verbal abuse of any kind will be tolerated
    • Children are expected to clean up after themselves
    • General playground rules of the school apply (i. e. recess rules)
    • Respect for staff and other children is always expected
    • Sharing and playing with other children is encouraged



    When a rule is broken, it is met with corrective action from our staff. Depending on the severity and frequency, the child will be written up by a staff member and is subject to a suspension. A parent/guardian will be notified. If a child receives three write ups, there will be a suspension and you will be required to attend a conference to determine if the child will be allowed to return to the program for the rest of the school year.


    Suspension:  Suspension from the program will occur after three write ups.  Immediate suspension will occur for any of the following:

    • Uncontrolled tantrums/angry outbursts.
    • Ongoing verbal abuse of staff or other children.
    • Kicking, biting, or physical abuse of staff or other children.
    • Continuous attempts to elope from the program.


    The first-time suspension will be for 1 to 3 days depending on the severity of the offense.  A second-time suspension will be for 5 days. 


    Expulsion:  After the completion of 2 suspensions from the Beyond the Bell program, any additional behaviors that will lead to suspension will result in expulsion from the Beyond the Bell program.

    Immediate expulsion will occur for any of the following:

    • Child is at risk of causing serious injury to themselves, staff members or other children. 
    • Parent threatens physical or intimidating actions toward staff members.
    • Parent or child exhibits verbal abuse towards staff in the presence of enrolled students.



    AM Session

    After the parent/guardian signs the child in, the child puts their belongings in one of the baskets provided. They are then offered breakfast. Breakfast consists of a variety of cereals, yogurts, cereal bars, muffins, milk, juice, and other assorted items. Two to three times a week we offer a hot breakfast such as waffles, bagels, and French toast sticks. Children are offered various games and toys to share and play with. A last call for breakfast is at 7:50 a.m. Breakfast is over at 8:00 a.m. and between 8:15 a.m. and 8:20 a.m. we prepare the children for the school day.


    PM Session

    Children are dismissed directly to Beyond the Bell. Children are required to check in and put their belongings in one of the provided baskets. We ask that they be seated while roll call is taken. We then provide them with a snack that consists of choices like chips, cookies, crackers, popcorn, and milk and juice. Our program is tree nut free. If your child has any allergies or restrictions, please let us know. If your child does not like any of the snacks we offer, you can send in a tree nut free snack they would enjoy. After snack, children in grades 1 through 6 are offered an opportunity to do homework. If you would like your child to do their homework, you must let the staff know. Beyond the Bell staff will offer assistance with homework, however if the child is struggling, they will be told to complete the homework at home. If this happens we will inform the person picking up the child. Children are also offered the opportunity to go outside (weather permitting) and play on the playground equipment. There are also a large assortment of indoor activities and toys to play with. During extended day sessions (early dismissal) you will be required to provide a lunch for your child. Please make sure they know that the lunch is to be eaten at Beyond the Bell.



    Director of Beyond the Bell                                     Beth Elberson

    Assistant Director/Jeffrey Clark Site Leader         Amy O’Hara

    Site Leader Samuel Mickle School                         Open



    Phone Number: 856-423-0412

    Mickle extension 1880

    Clark extension 1075





    BTB Handbook 23-24SY