Staff Email

First Name Last Name Email Address Position
Jennifer Adair 5th Grade
Jackie Adieyefeh Special Education
Collin Aregood 1st Grade
Jennifer Aversa 3rd Grade
Angela Barnabie 6th Grade
Dannielle Benedetto Specials - Art (Samuel Mickle)
Amanda Black Specials - Behaviorist/ESL
Traci Bowles Administration - District Vice Principal
Brittany Bradbury 5th Grade
Brittany Broomall 5th Grade
Michele Brown Nurse - Samuel Mickle
Jamie Burch 3rd Grade
Nicole Burgo 5th Grade
Melissa Burke BA Secretary
Sheri Burlingame Basic Skills Instruction
Christine Calhoun Nurse - Jeffrey Clark
Caroline Capasso Special Education
Kristen Cavanaugh 6th Grade
Jenna Chiavoroli 1st Grade
Kim Chiodi Administration - Director of Curriculum
Jennifer Clune CST
Kirsten Connor 4th Grade
Gregg Corradetti 1st Grade
Susan Curtis Special Education
Jennifer Daubert ToA
Kaila Day 5th Grade
Eric Delengowski Support - Technology Technician
Kevin DeVillasanta Specials - Physical Education [SM]
Monique DiCarlo 4th Grade
Donna DiDonato Beginners
Alycia DiPinto Basic Skills Instruction
Sheri DiStefano Beginners
Kathleen Dougherty Basic Skills Instruction
Gina Doyle 6th Grade
Caitlin Eckert 1st Grade
Ann Marie Elliott Support - Director of Transportation/Registration
Dina Engle Special Education
Andrea Evans Administration - Samuel Mickle Principal
Lauren Everly Beginners
Courtney Finan 2nd Grade
Erica Furfari Special Education
Richard Gabler 2nd Grade
Bleigh Gamber Special Education
Jillian Garren Special Education
Katelyn Gaughan 4th Grade
Alison Gentile 2nd Grade
Mary Ann Giannotti 5th Grade
Lisa Giorgianni 3rd Grade
Michelle Giuliano CST - LDTC
Lynda Glenn Beginners
Beth Godfrey Administration - CST Supervisor
Kathleen Graham 3rd Grade
Maureen Gray 3rd Grade
Stacy Gray Specials - Technology (Jeffrey Clark/Samuel Mickle)
Gregory Hammell 6th Grade
Jennifer Harbora Special Education
Barbara Harris CST - School Psychologist
Kasey Harris 5th Grade
Roger Humphrey Specials - PE/Technology [JC]
Jennifer Hunt CST - LDT/C
Roseanne iannotti Basic Skills
Felisha Ingalls 6th Grade
Kristy Jones CST - Occupational Therapist
Dana Kemner Basic Skills - Samuel Mickle
Tara Knell Special Education
Sarah Kolbe 3rd Grade
Kelli Koloski Basic Skills - Jeffrey Clark
Stacy Kuhen Special Education
Susan Lafferty Specials - Spanish (Jeffrey Clark)
Jim LaPalomento Custodial/Maintenance - Samuel Mickle
Monica Leheny Beginners
Jessica Lerch 4th Grade
Stacey Ligameri Specials - Library (Samuel Mickle)
Kristen Lombardo Guidance - Samuel Mickle
Kelly Lord Support - CST Secretary
Cal Loughlin Support - Director of Technology
James Lynch Administration - Superintendant
Nicole Macaluso Special Education / Gifted & Talented
Kelsey Magras 3rd Grade
Jessica Mahoney Administration - Jeffrey Clark Principal
Marita Marcionese CST - School Psychologist
Katherine Matteo Special Education
Renee Maxie 1st Grade
Michelle Mazeika Basic Skills Instruction
Jessica McCarthy 1st Grade
Heather McDermott Special Education
Alice Meeks 6th Grade
Melissa Messina 6th Grade
Ashley Minniti 3rd Grade
Lethina Mirkovic 2nd Grade
Cindy Morales Specials - World Language [SM]
Courtney Morris 2nd Grade
Diane Omalley Specials - Physical Education [SM]
Natalie Ostrowski 6th Grade
John Palladino Special Education
Jillyn Payne 1st Grade
Tracy Phillips 5th Grade
Marcie Piper Beginners
Holly Pisarcik 4th Grade
Sarah Pitz 2nd Grade
Jessica Polizzi 1st Grade
Suzanne Putnam 3rd Grade
Carly Reese Special Education
Chris Retkovis Support - Secretary to Superintendant
Jennifer Samaniego 2nd Grade
Laura Sarapulski Support - Jeffrey Clark Secretary
Meredith Sastic Specials - Physical Education [JC]
Bernadette Savage Beginners
Meg Sheldon 2nd Grade
Tammy Siner CST - Physical Therapist
Kim Smith 1st Grade
Christina Spadea Beginners
Elena Spadea Basic Skills - Samuel Mickle
Kelli Spencer RTI - Math
Annmarie Stagliano Special Education - Jeffrey Clark
Jessica Stewart Strings
Joy Strehle CST - Speech-Language Specialist
Sophia Theodoris Special Education - Samuel Mickle
Shawna Tirrell CST - Speech-Language Specialist
Lisa Townes 2nd Grade
Mary Traini Specials - Art [JC]
Jaclyn Truscello 3rd Grade
Jennifer Vadino 4th Grade
Melissa Velazquez Special Education
Mike Venello Custodial/Maintenance - Jeffrey Clark
Allyson Vitrano 4th Grade
Tammy Vogt Support - Payroll/Accounts Payable
April Wensko Beginners
Angelina Weston Guidance - Jeffrey Clark
Gregory Wilson Administration - Business Administrator
Eileen Wisnewski Specials - Music (Jeffrey Clark)
Theresa Wordelmann Specials - Library/Technology [JC]
Tammie Zane Cafeteria Manager
Alexa Zimmerman Specials - Music [SM]