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UPDATED NJSLA Parent Information Letter

Mickle Families,

As a reminder, our Samuel Mickle students will be taking the New Jersey Student Learning Assessment (NJSLA) next week (May 13-17).  NJSLA is the state-testing program that is administered in English Language Arts and Mathematics in grades 3 through 6, as well as in Science (May 20-21) for grade 5 only.  

Please note the important reminders below to ensure a successful testing experience for students next week:

  • As with any school day, it's important for students to ensure that they get adequate sleep each night and have time in the morning for a nutritious breakfast to help them be in the best conditions to learn.

  • Please ensure that students bring their school-issued Chromebook to school fully charged each day.  Only school-issued Chromebooks are permitted to be used for NJSLA test sessions.

  • Due to testing protocols, smart watches and cell phones are prohibited during test sessions (unless there is documented medical need).  Please either do not send your child to school with a smartwatch next week or ensure that the watch is turned off and stored in students' book bags as they would do with cell phones.

  • On most days next week, students will begin the day's NJSLA session in the morning and be completed with the day's testing by later that morning/early afternoon.  If a student arrives after a test session has started, he or she will need to complete the session at a later time as a make-up session.  Make-up sessions will begin to occur on Tuesday afternoon.

For additional information, please reference the NJSLA Parent Letter that was provided on 3/18/24,  or visit the NJSLA parent resource site.

As always, we appreciate your partnership in your child's learning.

Thank you.

4.30.24 Update

Initial Parent Letter