September flew past! The class has adapted well to our routines and is having fun learning. We will be finishing our color words during the month. The students are excited to learn most of our vowels this month and begin blending sounds to make words. As we learn more and more letters, we will be listening for beginning, middle, and ending sounds in words. We will be reading short stories together and learning to label our pictures with words. As we finish up comparing numbers through 5, we will move on to learn our numbers 6-10. The students will be working on the effects of the sun and will learn a bit about Christopher Columbus during the month. Keep practicing proper letter and number formation with your little one at home. Also, when reading stories together, ask your child a few questions about the story. Ex: List details in order. Who were the characters? How did the characters feel in the beginning/end?


    During the month of October, we will enjoy a lot of fun activities! We will participate in the week of respect and enjoy wearing our P.J.'s to school for Bedtime Story day in the second week. We will have a lot of fun on our field trip to G & G farm on October 17th. During the month we will also have a visit from our local heroes at the fire station. Toward the end of the month, we will have picture day on October 30th. The Halloween parade will take place on Halloween at 1:30. The students can bring their costumes in their back packs and will change at school. No pretend weapons are allowed in school even if part of your child's costume. If you choose to dress up when attending the parade, please keep in mind adults are not allowed to wear masks. The students are able to wear a mask for their costumes. We are so excided to have fun in all of these activities together! If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Let me tell you about myself! I grew up in Gloucester Township. I knew I wanted to be a teacher in first grade and have never considered any other option.  I am so thrilled to have been given the opportunity to encourage your child to learn! I love to read (Harry Potter being my favorite) and enjoy taking day trips often with my son. I have a spoiled cat named Zoey who is the stereotypical "scaredy cat".  I recently celebrated my seventh wedding anniversary in August. I have seven godchildren; five of which are boys. I have one little boy named Justin! He is three and a half and still does not want to sleep at all! He loves to dance, make a mess, and doesn't stop running!   

    If you have any questions or concerns at any time, please contact me at lehenym@eastgreenwich.k12.nj.us or call (856) 423-0613 ex. 2154.  You can also send in a note!