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    5th Grade: Day 2 during Lunch & Recess 

    6th Grade: Day 2 during Lunch & Recess

    5th grade:  Jillian Garren (garrenj@eastgreenwich.k12.nj.us)
    6th grade:  Natlaie Ostrowski (ostrowskin@eastgreenwich.k12.nj.us)
    Lunch Bunch Coordinator:  Stacy Kuhen (kuhens@eastgreenwich.k12.nj.us)

     Lunch Bunch is an organization that provides students with the opportunity to be leaders and role models within their school community.  The organization encourages students to develop, plan, and coordinate spirit activities, service projects, and fundraisers that will support both local and national communities.  Our students develop a sense of pride and ownership in all that we plan throughout the year. Lunch Bunch is a fantastic stepping stone for middle school, high school, and future endeavors. 



    Lunch Bunch representatives will gain the following skills from our club opportunity:

    *organizational skills

    *public speaking skills (being assertive)

    *social skills

    *help others through taking initiative to get involved

    *provide community service opportunities

    *collaborating with others

    *become a role model for their peers and younger students

    *a leadership role within the school

    *project management skills