• Who's my child's PE Teacher?

          Below you will find your child's teacher's name under which PE teacher they have as well as a grade discription for that PE teacher. 
    Jeffrey Clark PE Teacher's: ext. 2135
    Roger Humphrey and Meredith Sastic
    PreK-2 PE 
    **All classes team taught.  See our own webpages for individual class schedules**
    Samuel Mickle PE Teacher's: ext. 3130
    Kevin De Villasanta: 3rd-6th Grade
     Aversa         Lerch      Adair                  Ayling
    Burch            Hahn      Phillips 1x           Doyle
    Kemner         Eckert    Hayes                  Hammell
    Minniti 1x     Harbora Penk                     Marghilano


    Diane O'Malley: 3rd-6th Grade 
    Truscello      Riley            Phillips 1x      Concordia
    Minniti 1x    Vadino         Ott                  Meeks
    Graham         Broomall    Spencer            Przywara
    Giorgianni     DiCarlo      Messina
    Silvestro                           DeLuca