• Would you like to be a 

    Mystery Reader?  


    Our class is starting a Mystery Reader activity this school year, and we need your help!  We are looking for guest readers to visit our classroom!


    Here’s how it works:


    • You select a day that you are available to visit our classroom to read to the children.  Please go to Sign Up Genius to select your day. 


    • You select a book of your choice.  If you need suggestions, please contact me.
    • Your identity is kept a secret (please don’t “spill the beans!”), but I do give students clues and have them predict who they think the mystery reader is.
    • You may bring in props.
    • We will have “Mystery Reader Day” ONE time per month.
    • Our “Mystery Reader Day” is held on Fridays from 2:30 to 3:00.  Please report to the main office by 2:30.
    • Send me an email with the following information, and I will be in contact with you!



    Email address: ____________________________________________

    Date you signed up to come in: ________________________________

    The book I would like to read is: _______________________________


    Give us three clues about you so we can try and guess your identity before you visit us!

    Clue #1__________________________________________________