• Meet The Teacher:

    Hello! My name is Meagan McGuigan, and I am a partner teacher with Mrs. Putnam in 3rd grade this year!
    This is my first year teaching in East Greenwich Township, and I cannot wait to get started.
    My teaching philosophy is "Fairness does not mean everyone getting the same. Fairness means everyone getting what they need to be successful." It is my goal as an educator to ensure that every student is a successful learner in our classroom.
    I hope you are as excited about this school year as I am! 

    Educational Background:

    I graduated from Rutgers University in 2014 with my Bachelors degree in Psychology, and I am dually certified in Elementary and Special Education. (GO RU!)
    I completed my student teaching in the Gloucester Township School district in a 3rd grade classroom and a resource classroom. Since I graduated, I have completed various long-term positions in the Gloucester Township School District in both general education and special education classrooms. 
    Most of my experience has been in 3rd grade, and I LOVE this grade!
    This is my first year teaching at East Greenwich Township, and I am eager to continue my teaching career in this district.  

    Fun Facts About Me:

    I currently live in Gloucester Township with my husband, Steve, and our two children.
    My son, Brady, is 7 years old and entering second grade. He loves baseball, flag football, and musical theater!
    His favorite subjects are Math and Science and he LOVES Library.

    My daughter, Ella, will be turning 1 in September. She is SO close to walking, but certainly has no problem keeping us on our toes!!
    I enjoy spending time with my family. We love watching movies, swimming in the pool, going to the beach, and trips to the zoo!
    I grew up in Cherry Hill and I have two brothers (one older and one younger). 
    I grew up swimming and playing softball.  
    My favorite color is turquoise!
    My son gives me all of his KitKats on Halloween because he knows they are my favorite!
    I don't have a favorite holiday or season because I love them all!
    One of the main reasons I love New Jersey is that we get to enjoy all of the seasons.

    My birthday is June 18th.
    I have wanted to be a teacher since I was 4 years old!

    I CANNOT wait to learn all about YOU!

    s   be