• Special Area -- Behavior Management 2018

    “Bee” Amazing in Our Hive!


    Objective:  Special Area Teachers will reinforce respectful, responsible, and kind behavior via our “Bee” Amazing program.



    1. Each Special Area Teacher will have personalized bee hives available for each class.  As students in the class behave in a kind, respectful, or responsible way, the teacher will present the class/student with a hive.  There is NO limit as to the number of hives that may be earned by a class in one period.
    2. Earned hives will go in specially marked containers depending on grade level.
    3. Each week on Day 1 (beginning on Thursday, October 11), one Special Area subject teacher will select a Beginner, 1st, and 2nd grade hive from the grade level containers.  The classes picked earn a *bonus reward/activity in that specific content area.
    4. Winning classes for the week will be announced at the end of the day on DAY 1.
    5. Each week, the subject area will rotate based on a previously arranged schedule.  

    Consequence Scale


    Objective:  Special Area Teachers will enforce a three-step consequence scale for behavior that is disruptive, disrespectful, unkind.


    First instance:  Warning to the student for behavior/words

    Second instance:  Warning and/or reassignment of seat, temporary loss of privilege

    Third instance:  Total loss of privilege and call/note to family