Grading Policy
    •In Beginners, we use a Standards Based Report Card aligned with the 
    New Jersey Student Learning Standards.


    •Grades will be represented with an M,W,or N

    M= Masters the standard (92 +)
    W= Working towards the standard (74-91) 
    N= Not meeting the standard (73-below) 
    •In First Grade and Second Grade, we use a traditional report card, where the final grade is determined by averaging supportive, secondary, and primary assessments.

    •Grades will be represented by a letter grade of A, B, C, D, or F. 

    A= 92 +
    B= 91-83
    C= 82-74
    D= 73-65
    F= 64-0
    Supportive Assessments 20%

    Secondary Assessments 35%

    Primary Assessments 45% 

    For more information about the district grade policy, please see the following link:

    District Grading Policy