• Classroom Management:
    • Each student has an individual token board which allows them to earn frequent breaks for completing work. See below for more information!
    • Every time a student earns ALL of his tokens, he earns a Dojo Point
      • This translates to FUN FRIDAY activities that we get to do as a class!
      • Fun Friday will include various activities such as extra play, special games, extra Smart Board time, etc.
    Our classroom utilizes principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Below is some information about how ABA is used effectively in the classroom.
    Reinforcement: Reinforcing appropriate behaviors such as whole body listening, completing work, and answering questions. Providing reinforcement will increase the behavior that is reinforced. For example, if a child receives reinforcement for raising her hand to answer a question, she is likely to do so more often in the future!
    Token Economy: An individualized token system which allows each child to earn tokens that they can "cash in" for a reinforcer (break, edible treat, toys, etc.). This allows students to come into contact with tangible reinforcers that they get the freedom of selecting. 
    Fast Paced Instruction: A fast-paced format of instruction helps maintain student engagement. 
    Mixing Mastered Skills with Current Target Skills: This allows children to meet learning with success and build momentum to encourage student success. When students are constantly presented with challenging and new information, they can become frustrated. Intermixing mastered skills lets the student gain confidence and maintain a positive attitude for attempting new material. 
    Frequent Data collection on Target Skills: This helps me track how well students progress toward goals. It can also show me if a student may need more practice or intervention with a specific skill. 
    More About Instruction in an our classroom:
    • All lessons are data-driven and individualized based upon information collected at the beginning of the school year, IEP present educational levels, and progress monitoring information.
    • Instruction is based on New Jersey Student Learning Standards and IEP goals.
    • Learning goals and lessons are aided through various curriculum resources.
    • Students receive a combination of small-group instruction and individualized work sessions to target specific skill acquisition. 
    • Skills are generalized to multiple environments to ensure they are mastered.


    About Our Social Skills:

    • Weekly themes will be followed; I will communicate these in newsletters and on the Class Dojo Page!
    • Lessons will include various formats including social stories, videos, read-alouds, puppet shows, and hands-on lessons to engage students
    • Students will have multiple chances to practice the skill of the week in various settings!


    Whole Body Listening:

    • Students have learned the language for how to be good listeners! See below in case you'd like to use similar language at home!
      • Eyes are looking at the speaker
      • Ears are listening (we like to turn our listening ears up)
      • Mouth is quiet
      • Body is facing the speaker
      • Hands are quiet 
      • Feet are still or criss crossed if on the floor
      • Brain is thinking about what is being said
      • Heart is caring about what is being said