• Currently in class, we have learned all the rules and procedures as well as expectations. At this stage in the year, we are still practicing them. We discuss them often and when the students are seen practicing good rules, they are complimented. There are a couple things in addition to the verbal compliments and praise that help with positive reinforcement. 



    When a student is seen making the right choice and meeting expectaions, he/she is given a quarter. Once a student earns 8 quarters, he or she can buy a prize from the prize box. Then they can start earning their quarters over again.



    By January, most of the students have had enough time to practice and execute the rules and know the expectations. We will move to a clip chart to have them self-monitor their behavior. This is not a disciplinary practice. It is for each student to monitor his/her behavior and see if they need to improve. They will have the opportunity to clip up for positive behavior, or clip down when wrong choices are made. If there comes a time where there is a continual need for clipping down, I will get in touch with you about the specific rule your child is having difficulty with. We will discuss ways to help him/her to meet expectations.

    If there is a major incident or a continual behavior/s, that with modifications is not ending, I will send home a Behavior Report with a description of the incident/s. I ask that you sign and send it back the following day. 

    Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.