Tuesdays 3:20-4:00 p.m. 

    Fourth Grade Choir Chimes

    Each year a group of 15 fourth graders have the opportunity to participate in a performing after-school music enrichment group called Choir Chimes on an audition basis. There is no cost to the parents and no prior experience playing an instrument, or reading music is necessary to participate or to try out.

    Choir Chimes are similar to hand bells. Each student is responsible for one note (sometimes two) and it requires the whole group to perform together to hear a complete composition. Rehearsal, therefore, is not done at home, but occurs at school as a complete group. The group meets once weekly in Mr. Stocker’s classroom (Currently Tuesdays 3:20-4:00 on full days of school) in preparation for performance in Winter and Spring Concerts.

    At the audition, the children will be given a mini-lesson on the techniques involved in playing choir chimes and then will be given the chance to play. Fifteen participants will be selected based on Grip, Rhythmic Accuracy, Confidence, and Behavior.