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Health Information

Eat 5 a day
   The students at Mickle will be having health class twice a month. During these weeks there will be 2 Health classes that week.  Please see the dates below.

Health Dates Mickle:
 Oct 4th-Oct 11th
 Nov 2nd- Nov 15th
 Dec 2nd -December 8th
 Jan 9th -Jan 13th
 Feb 7th - Feb 13th
 March 2nd-March 8th,
 April 5th -April 18th
 May 5th - May 11th
Health Topics:
October: Emotional Health 
November:  Wellness
December: Nutrition
January: Drugs Awareness
February:   Alcohol and Tobacco Awareness 
March: 5 Senses 
April: Introduction to Body Systems and Muscular System
May: Body Systems: Cardiovascular System
   Any questions please contact Diane O'Malley at