• Lessons on the band instruments are provided by our school free of charge to beginning fifth grade band members, and second year sixth grade band members . They are formed of like-instrument, small-groups which meets the same day and time once weekly in place of another class. Parents provide the instrument and method book. Our school provides instrumental music instruction, a music folder, a pencil, and sheet music for our students.
    Our teachers are very supportive! They consistently help the students involved with Instrumental Lessons. It is important that each student checks with their teacher to make up any work missed during the Instrumental Lesson.

    It is in Instrumental Lessons that we learn how to assemble, care for, and (hopefully) how to produce a sound.  :)

    Working from a Lesson Method book complete with play-along CD, we learn to read ever-advancing music.

    The students learn to recognize what the music tells them to do with their fingers, breath and tongue when reading a passage of music. The music tells us what note to play, how long to hold our notes,how loud to make the volume, and finally, how fast to play it. The student takes this information and transfers this notation, through the fingers, to the instrument.

     A good musician does not ignore any of the markings in the music which the composer placed there to help with interpretation and emotion. Performing with proper articulation, dynamics, tempo and style is encouraged.

    After Thanksgiving, the instrumental lessons continue, and all instrumentalists will also begin meeting altogether in a group, twice a week, in Band Class. Here we learn ensemble-playing skills and prepare for our Spring Concert. We look forward to performing for our parents, family and friends.

    Just so you know...

    A commitment to practice on a regular basis is suggested for success. Those students busy with other activities should try to make time for instrumental practice as well.